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Project Manager Instrumentation Targets and Threat Simulators (PM-ITTS)

PM Instrumentation, Targets & Threat Simulators
12350 Research Parkway
Orlando, Florida 32826-3276
(407) 384-5252 (O) | (407) 384-5255 (FAX)


Project Manager
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PM ITTS Video Introduction IMO TMO TSMO - Tim Bishop - Director


Project Manager for Instrumentation, Targets and Threat Simulators (PM ITTS) was established in 1990 at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, to provide centralized acquisition of the research, development, production, and fielding of test assets and investments in support of full-spectrum, developmental, and operational testing for the U.S. Army. PM ITTS is the life-cycle manager of major test instrumentation, aerial and ground targets, and threat simulators/systems, as well as manager of the operation and maintenance of targets and threats for developmental and operational test and evaluation (T&E). PM ITTS also executes all Army-led programs resourced by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) Central Test and Evaluation Investment Program (CTEIP).


Provide and Operate Effective and Relevant Test, Training and Threat Capabilities in Support of Service Members and Other Customers.


Be THE Leader for Instrumentation, Target, and Threat System Enterprise Solutions


PM ITTS executes its mission through three operating organizations:

Current Products Include:


  • Advanced Distributed Modular Acquisition System Product Improvement Program (ADMAS PIP)
  • Advanced Range Tracking and Imaging System (ARTIS)
  • Directed Energy Test Science & Technology (DET S&T)
  • Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) Systems Mondernization Program
  • Electronic Warfare Test (EWT) Science & Technology (S&T)
  • Fiber Optic Network (FON II)
  • Joint Urban Test Capability (JUTC)
  • Mobile Multi-sensor Time-Space-Position Information (TSPI) System (MMTS)
  • Multi-Spectral Sea and Land Target Simulator (MSALTS)
  • Objective Helicopter Icing Spray System (OHISS)
  • USA Operational Test Command Analytic Simulation and Instrumentation Suite-Enterprise Integration Systems (OASIS-EIS)
  • Range Radar Replacement Program (RRRP)
  • STARSHIP Software Tool Suite Product Line
  • System Test and Integration Laboratory (STIL)
  • Test Resource Management Center (TRMC) Test & Evaluation Science & Technology (T&E/S&T) Consolidated Contracting Initiative (CCI)



  • Camouflage, Concealment, Deception, and Obscurants (CCD&O)
  • Integrated Threat Force (ITF)
  • Mobile Communications Network Infrastructure Test Range (MCNITR)
  • Networked Electronic Support Threat Sensors (NESTS)
  • Network Exploitation Test Tool (NETT)
  • Threat Computer Network Operations (CNO) Team
  • Threat Information Electronic Warfare Environment (TIEWE)
  • Threat Signal Injection Jammer (TSIJ)
  • Threat Unmanned Devices (TUD)
  • Wideband Configurable Controlled Jammer System (WCCJ)

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