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Battlefield Effects Simulator (BES)


To simulate the flash/bang of a weapon’s discharge and impact in Force-On-Target (FoT) live training.


The Battle Effects Simulator (BES) provides real-time feedback to units conducting FoT tactical training and realistic battlefield effects. The system is used in a day and night range exercise for visual and acoustic target recognition at stationary range positions with a target mechanism or mounted on a moving target platform.

BES is designed to produce flash/bang and smoke signatures using the M34 (Hostile Fire) cartridge and/or M35 (Target Hit) cartridge, which simulates/replicates a large caliber weapon fire of a hostile threat and/or an impact round on an armor target. The system is a core feature in support of live fire ranges throughout the Army as identified within Training Circular (TC) 25-8.

Multiple PEO STRI programs such as the Remote Target System/Enhanced Remote Target System RETS/ERETS, New Generation Army Targetry System (NGATS), Future Army Systems of Integrated Targets (FASIT), Non-Instrumented (Small Arms), and Instrumented Ranges/ Digital Range Training System (IR/DRTS) rely on the BES system in order to support the training missions requirements.

photo of Battlefield Effects Simulator
Battlefield Effects Simulator (BES)
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