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PEO STRI: PM STS - Special Operations Forces Training Systems

Call for Fire Trainer (CFFT II Plus)

Project Office: PdM Special Operations Forces Training Systems (PdM STS)


To improve the existing capability for observed fire institutional training in support of all fire support and close air support mission tasks, as well as provide an immersive environment to train advanced call for fire techniques.


The CFFT II PLUS is a follow-on to the existing CFFT II system and incorporates the functionality and immersiveness of the technology demonstration/prototype Joint Fires and Effects Trainer System (JFETS) developed by the Fires Battle Lab. It adds the following five modules to the available CFFT configurations:

  1. Adaptive Full Spectrum Module (AFSM) for outdoor, rural scenarios.
  2. Urban Terrain Module (UTM) for a generic, urban terrain scenario.
  3. Close Air Support Module (CASM) for close air support techniques.
  4. Fires and Effects Command Module for fires chain of command coordination.
  5. After Action Review (AAR) Module for enhanced learning/training.
CFFT II Plus Modules
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