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PEO STRI: PM STS - Special Operations Forces Training Systems

Call for Fire Trainer (CFFT)

Project Office: PdM Special Operations Forces Training Systems (PdM STS)


To provide realistic observed fire training in support of all indirect fire and close air support mission tasks.


The CFFT is a lightweight, rapidly deployable, observed fire-training system that provides multiple simulated battlefield environments for instructing Fire Support Specialists, Joint Fires Observers and Soldiers at the institutional and operational unit level. The CFFT is capable of training all Artillery, Type II and III close air support, naval gunfire and mortar missions. The system is fielded in multiple CONUS and OCONUS locations in three primary configurations: the 1:30 (one instructor to 30 students), 1:12 and 1:4. The 1:12 and 1:4 system configurations are deployable. Increment II systems are certified for networked operations with other simulators in both unclassified and classified environments, and fully interoperable with the Advanced Field Artillery Targeting and Direction System (AFATDS). Near term enhancements fully integrate Synthetic Environment Core (SE Core) and One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF), and leverage capabilities developed for the Joint Fires and Effects Trainer System through use of the Joint Fires Product Line architecture. These include high-fidelity, immersive visual displays for the institution and helmet-mounted displays, voice communications, C4ISR capabilities and improved After Action Review capability for the operational force. The CFFT II also has special mission training modules to include the Joint Fires Observer variant and Joint Close Air Support Modification Kit.

CFFT Increment II
Students training on the CFFT
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