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Counter Radio Electronic Warfare 2 (CREW2)


To provide the Warfighter a training simulator that looks, feels and operates like the equipment fielded to operational units. To train users to employ Current Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) equipment in response to an adaptive threat and to understand the potential impacts of using radio frequency emitters on enemy and friendly-force equipment located in the same battle space. CREW2 will be fielded at homestations and maneuver CTCs according to the Army-wide distribution plan.


CREW2 significantly enhances and advances the operational readiness and tactical proficiency of Soldiers in tactics, techniques and procedures during employment of the tactical CREW devices and subsequent Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) measures. The system maintains full functionality of all switches, lights, indicators and procedures with the ultimate goal of providing a training simulator that replicates the equipment fielded to operational units. The CREW2 Training System is compatible and interoperable and interfaces with the currently fielded families of CREW and IED training devices. The CREW 2 training device operates on assigned frequencies, effectively disabling the detonation components of the training improvised detonation devices. CREW2 captures operationally significant Electronic Warfare-related events, configurations and settings to support an AAR.

Counter Radio Electronic Warfare 2 (CREW2)
Counter Radio Electronic Warfare 2 (CREW2) Remote and Primary
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