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PEO STRI: PdM Construction Simulation Support (CSS)

Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability


To provide unit commanders and their battle staff the capability to train in an operationally relevant constructive simulation environment that simulates Army Decisive Action operations, employed for simulation/stimulation of collective digital Mission Command training at all echelons from brigade to theater level.


JLCCTC supports Army Title X training worldwide for Army Commanders and their staffs at Mission Command Training Centers (MCTC), Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) training facilities, and other customer locations. JLCCTC supports Decisive Action to include offensive, defensive, stability, and civil support operations. System capabilities include: Stimulation of Mission Command (MC) systems, Non-Kinetic Effects, Intelligence, Irregular Warfare, UAV Visualization, 3D Operational Environment, Logistics, Air/Air Force Simulation Interface, and an After Action Review (AAR) system.


JLCCTC is a modeling and simulation software capability that contributes to the joint training functional concept and the Army training mission area by providing the appropriate levels of modeling and simulation resolution as well as the fidelity needed to support both Army and joint training requirements. JLCCTC is comprised of two separate federations, JLCCTC Multi-Resolution Federation (MRF) and JLCCTC-Entity Resolution Federation (ERF). The MRF is a federated set of constructive simulation software that is supported by commercial software and commercial-off-the-shelf hardware that will support training of commanders and their staffs in maneuver, logistics, intelligence, air defense and artillery. The federate models are connected by a combination of the standard high-level architecture run-time infrastructure, distributed interactive simulation, custom interfaces, the master interface and point-to-point. The JLCCTC MRF-WARSIM trains Army commanders and their staffs in support of Command Post Exercises (CPXs), Warfighter Exercises (WFXs), and Mission Rehearsal Exercise (MRXs). JLCCTC provides the simulated operational environment in which computer-generated forces stimulate and respond to the Mission Command (MC) processes of the commanders and staffs. JLCCTC models will provide full training functionality for leader and battle staff for the Army and the joint, intergovernmental, interagency and multinational (JIIM) spectrum. JLCCTC provides an interface to MC Systems allowing commanders and their staffs to train with their organizational real-world MC equipment. JLCCTC ERF is a federation of simulations, data collection and after-action review tools. It stimulates the Mission Command Networks and Systems to facilitate battle staff collective training by requiring staff reaction to incoming digital information while executing the commanderís tactical plan. The targeted training audience is comprised of brigade and battalion battle staffs, functional Command Post (CP) training and full CP training.

Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability(JLCCTC)
Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability
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