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PEO STRI: PdM Warrior Training Integration (WTI)

Live, Virtual, Constructive-Integrating Architecture (LVC-IA)


To provide the foundational structure and framework for integrating live, virtual, constructive systems into the integrated Soldier’s training environment.


The Live, Virtual, Constructive-Integrating Architecture (LVC-IA) is a system of systems providing a net-centric linkage that collects, retrieves and exchanges data among existing Training Aids, Devices, Simulations, and Simulators (TADSS) and both joint and Army Mission Command Systems. The LVC-IA defines “how” information is exchanged among the different LVC domains and the Mission Command Systems. The LVC-IA provides enterprise level tools for exercise control, after action review, and system information assurance. It provides hardware and software to interface the different Live, Virtual and Constructive communication protocols. It also provides a correlated common operating picture for the training audience on their organic command and control equipment. The integration of the Live, Virtual and Constructive TADSS with the Mission Command equipment will enable larger, more robust training events thus better preparing United States Soldiers for their missions at an overall reduced cost. The end-state goal is an LVC Integrated Training Event (ITE) that can cost effectively approximate operational environments to provide a high level of value added training and mission rehearsal opportunities to Army’s commanders and their Soldiers.

Live, Virtual, Constructive-Integrating Architecture (LVC-IA)
Live, Virtual, Constructive-Integrating Architecture (LVC-IA)
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