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Objective Helicopter Icing Spray System (OHISS)

Project Office: PM ITTS Instrumentation Management Office


To improve and replace the current Helicopter Icing Spray System (HISS) equipment, which generates an artificial cloud with controlled and quantifiable characteristics that a System Under Test (SUT) flies into for the purposes of testing the SUTís de-icing capabilities. OHISS is a project under the Department of Defense Test Resource Management Center Central Test and Evaluation Investment Program that will continue to be a unique national asset supporting multi-Service aviation development and icing certification.


The OHISS project is developing a replacement airborne icing capability that will provide low-speed icing test mission support at low altitudes, produce a large cloud capable of full immersion of a test aircraft, and be able to accurately simulate natural rain and Federal Aviation Administration icing conditions (used as a standard for icing qualification by both Government and industry). OHISS is fielding two capabilities: the UH-60-based Cloud Characterization System, which will replace the current C-12 Airborne Cloud Measurement System; and the Cloud Generation System, which will replace the current 35-year-old U.S. Army HISS. Artificial icing clouds provide a safer, more reliable and controlled flight-test environment for evaluating de-icing technologies. Small-scale rain conditions can be created to provide a safer and better controlled flight-test environment for evaluating rain effects on critical aircraft surfaces, sensors, and engine inlets.

Objective Helicopter Icing Spray System (OHISS)
Objective Helicopter Icing Spray System (OHISS)
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