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PEO STRI: Instrumentation Management Office (IMO)

Systems Test and Integration Laboratory (STIL)

Project Office: PM ITTS Instrumentation Management Office


To develop a set of laboratories for the testing and evaluation of systems and electronic components installed on aircraft prior to flight test. This capability will enhance the Army’s ability to rapidly, accurately, and efficiently perform developmental testing on new and modernized aircraft and their integrated systems.


The STIL project includes two major test capabilities composed of test suites and test control center infrastructure, each with its own specific operational requirements:

  • The Aviation STIL includes a reconfigurable cockpit and will be used for aviation systems platform testing at the Redstone Test Center Aircraft Flight Test Directorate in Huntsville, AL. The Aviation STIL focuses on test capabilities for navigation, sensors, aircraft survivability equipment, electrical power, communications and weapons systems. It will have a Crew Station Interface and a Test Control Center (TCC). The Aviation STIL will be transportable and rapidly re-configurable to enable testing of different aircraft and associated aircraft systems while minimizing costs for instrumentation and modification.
  • A smaller Weapons STIL is used for aviation weapons/aircraft testing at Yuma Proving Ground. The Weapons STIL consists of test laboratories, a TCC, weapons station interface and test infrastructure. The test suites provide the capabilities to test navigation, sensors, weapons and armaments. The weapons station interface consists of a series of workstations utilizing commercial software to be used for mission rehearsal and crew-member, mission-specific preparation. The Weapons STIL reached full operating capability in Fiscal Year 2010.
Systems Test and Integration Laboratory
Systems Test and Integration Laboratory (STIL)
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