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Project Manager Constructive Simulation (ConSim)

Warfighters' Simulation (WARSIM)


To increase the effectiveness of commander and staff training, exercises and mission rehearsals by dramatically improving the realism and the scope of the available training environment; in conjunction with other simulations, to provide a complete operational environment with scenarios covering the full spectrum of military operations within the stages of force projection operations to support the global distributed Army as well as joint and coalition force task-based training.


WARSIM trains and provides mission-rehearsal capabilities for Army and joint commanders and their staffs during stability operations and peacetime. Additionally, WARSIM portrays activities associated with post-employment operations such as war termination and post-conflict operations including restoring order, supplementing civilian government, providing humanitarian assistance, redeployment, reconstitution and demobilization. The simulation accounts for the time and space factors associated with large unit movements as well as the differences between heavy and light units. The simulation allows all units, including Warfighting function units, to be committed to combat operations in response to threats in a rear area. The WARSIM system uses a software computer-based simulation and associated hardware to support the planning, decision-making and operational execution of unit commanders and their staffs from battalion through theater level as well as the training events in educational institutions. Designed and built using modern computer technology, modern software engineering techniques and verified and validated algorithms and databases, WARSIM will allow units worldwide to train using their organizational real-world Mission Command equipment. WARSIM is the cornerstone of the Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability (JLCCTC) Multi-Resolution Federation (MRF). In the JLCCTC-MRF, WARSIM is linked with other constructive simulations to provide a more realistic presentation of the Operational Environment. The system is compliant with the high-level architecture.

WARSIM capabilities include:

  • Computer-based battle simulation models that portray the operational environment needed to support Army training events
  • Software modules to support exercise preparation and scenario generation
  • Software modules/databases to support after-action review
  • Software modules for linking WARSIM to other simulations in order to expand the training environment for Joint force training exercises
  • Workstations for use by personnel in an exercise support function
  • Training Audience interfaces to the Simulation via Mission Command (MC) Systems (two-way communications)
  • Synthetic Natural Environment (SNE) that provides 3D Battlespace with Terrain/Time of day impacts and Bio/Chemical/Weather effect
  • Comprehensive Intelligence capability (HUMINT, IMINT, ELINT, COMINT, and MASINT systems); currently modeling over 160 Sensor Systems within three-enclave architecture
  • Irregular Warfare (IW) Operations, explicit IED and associated Countermeasures Modeling
  • Automated Unit/Reactive Behaviors and Workstation/Role-player efficiencies
  • Data Driven Models will allow for changes in Parametric Data without changing source code (pre-ex and during run-time)
  • Automated Internal Recovery and improved diagnostic tools

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