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DoD and Army OSH and Safety Program Management References

AR 1-201

Army Inspection Program

AR 5-9

Intraservice Support Installation Area Coordination

AR 20-1

Inspector General Activities and Procedures

AR 40-5

Preventative Medicine

AR 40-14

Control and Recording Procedures for Exposure to Ionizing Radiation and Radioactive Materials

AR 40-45

Civilian Employee Health Service, Department of Defense

AR 40-46

Control of Health Hazards from Lasers and Other High Intensity Optical Sources

AR 40-400

Patient Administration

AR 71-3

User Testing

AR 190-5

Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision

AR 190-11

Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition and Explosives, as supplemented

AR 190-40

Serious Incident Report

AR 385-10

Army Safety Program

AR 385-11

Ionizing Radiation Protection (licensing, control, transportation, disposal, and radiation safety)

AR 385-14

Accident/Incident Report - Shipments of Conventional Explosives and Dangerous Articles by Commercial Carriers

AR 385-15

Water Safety

AR 385-26

Use of Explosives and Pyrotechnics in Public Demonstrations, Exhibitions, and Celebrations

AR 385-32

Protective Clothing and Equipment

AR 385-40

Accident Reporting and Records

AR 385-55

Prevention of Motor Vehicle Accidents

AR 385-61

Safety Studies and Reviews of Chemical Agents and Associated Weapon Systems

AR 385-62

Regulations for Firing Guided Missiles and Heavy Rockets for Training, Target Practice and Combat

AR 385-63

Policies and Procedures for Firing Ammunition for Training, Target Practice, and Combat

AR 385-64

Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards

AR 385-65

Identification of Inert Ammunition and Ammunition Components

AR 420-90

Fire Protection

AR 600-55

The Army Driver and Operator Standardization Program (Selection, Training, Testing and Licensing) Process

AR 672-5-1

Military Awards, as supplemented

AR 672-20

Incentive Awards, as supplemented

AR 672-74

Army Accident Prevention Awards

AR 690-950-12

Safety Management Career Program

AR 700-68

Storage and Handling of Compressed Gases and Gas Cylinders

AR 702-7

Reporting of Product Quality Deficiencies Across Component Lines

AR 702-7-1

Reporting of Product Quality Deficiencies within the U.S. Army

CTA 50-900

Clothing and Individual Equipment

DA Pam 40-501

Hearing Conservation

DA Pam 351-4

U.S. Army Formal Schools Catalog

DA PAM 385-1

Unit Safety Management

DA Pam 385-3

Protective Clothing And Equipment

DA Pam 385-5

Fundamentals Of Safety In Army Sports And Recreation

DA Pam 385-6

Safety In Water Activities

DA Pam 385-7

Firearm And Archery Safety

DA Pam 385-8

Back Injury Prevention

DA Pam 385-40

Army Accident Investigation and Reporting

DA Pam 690-31

Supervisor Training Course

DA Pam 750-35

Functional Users Guide For Motor Pool Operations

DODI 6055.1DOD

Occupational Safety and Health Program

DODD 4270.1M

Construction Criteria Manual

EM 385-1-1

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Requirements Manual

FM 3-4

NBC Protection

FM 10-23

Basic Doctrine for Army Field Feeding

FM 10-69

Petroleum Supply Point Equipment And Operations

FM 10-71

Petroleum Tank Vehicle Operations

FM 11-487-4

Installation Practices: Grounding, Bonding, and Shielding

FM 11-490-9

Communications-Electronics Facilities: Grounding, Bonding, and Shielding

FM 21-11

First Aid for Soldiers

FM 21-60

Visual Signals

FM 21-305

Manual for the Wheeled Vehicle Driver

FM 31-70

Basic Cold Weather Manual

FM 55-30

Army Motor Transport Units and Operations

TB 43-0122

Instructions for the Safe Handling and Identification of U.S. Army Communications-electronics Command Managed Radioactive Items in the Army Supply System

TB 43-0125

Installation of Communications-Electronics Equipment Hookup of Electrical Cables to Mobile Generator Sets on Fielded Equipment to Meet Electrical Safety Standards

TB 43-0141

Safe Handling, Maintenance, Storage, and Disposal of Radioactive Commodities Managed by the U.S. Army Troop Support and Aviation Materiel Readiness Command (Excluding Aircraft Components)

TB 43-0142

Safety Inspection and Testing of Lifting Devices

TB 43-0151

Inspection and Test of Air and Other Gas Compressors

TB 385-1

Safety Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

TB 385-3

Fire Prevention And Protection Of Military Gasoline Cans

TB 385-4

Safety Procedures for Maintenance of Electrical/Electronics Equipment

TB 385-5

Safety Manual: Crawler Tractor/Loader for Operating and Maintenance Personnel

TB 385-6

60 Rules on Safety for Cranes and Excavators used by Operating and Maintenance Personnel

TB 385-7

Safety Manual: Off Highway Truck for Operating and Maintenance Personnel

TB 385-8

Safety Manual: Wheel-Type Loader/Dozer for Operating and Maintenance Personnel

TB 385-9

Safety Manual: Motor Grader for Operating and Maintenance Personnel

TB 385-10

Safety Manual: Scrapers for Operating and Maintenance Personnel

TB 385-101

Safe Use of Cranes, Crane-Shovels, Draglines and Similar Equipment Near Electric Power Lines

TB Med 81

Cold Injury

TB-Med 502

Respiratory Protection Program

TB-Med 506

Occupational Vision

TB-Med 507

Occupational and Environmental Health Prevention: Treatment and Control of Heat Injury

TB-Med 514

Guidelines For Controlling Health Hazards In Printing Operations

TB-Med 522

Occupational and Environmental Health: Control of Health Hazards from Protective Material Used in Self-Luminous Devices

TB-Med 523

Control Of Hazards To Health From Microwave And Radio Frequency Radiation And Ultrasound

TB Med 524

Control of Hazards to Health From Laser Radiation

TB SIG 291

Safety Measures to be Observed When Installing and Using Whip Antennas, Field-Type Masts, Towers and Antennas and Metal Poles That Are Used with Communications, Radar and Direction Finder Equipment

TC 21-305

Techniques and Procedures for the Wheeled Vehicle Driver

TC 21-305-3

Training Program for the M939 Series 5-ton Cargo Truck

TC 21-305-4

Training Program for the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)

TC 21-305-6

Training Program for the Tractor and Semitrailer

TC 21-305-7

Training Program for Light Vehicles

TC 21-305-8

Training Program for the Medium Vehicle

TM 5-812-1

Fire Prevention Manual

TM 5-682

Facilities Engineering, Electrical Facilities Safety

TM 9-1300-200

Ammunition, General

TM 9-1300-206

Ammunition and Explosives Standards

TM 9-4520-257-12&9

Operator's and Unit Maintenance Manual for Heater, Space, Radiant, Large

TM 10-4500-200-13

Operator's, Organizational and Direct Support Maintenance Manual for Heaters, Space: Radiant Type, Portable; Heaters, Immersion: Liquid Fuel Fired for Corrugated Cans

TM 11-5073

Tower Equipment

TM 743-200-1

Storage and Materials Handling
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