One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF) and Enterprise Data Services (EDS)

Created: 3/31/2015
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*****NOTE Change of Date for Industry Day. Industry day is now Friday May 29th, 2015 from 9am to 11 am. Location unchanged.


The U.S. Army PEO STRI is seeking capability information from industry for consideration during development of an acquisition strategy to obtain necessary personnel, material, equipment, facilities, and services to execute the One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF) Integration, interoperability and support (I2S) and Production activities as well as the Enterprise Data Services (EDS) software development and support activities. OneSAF is the US Army’s next generation Constructive, entity level Computer Generated Forces/Semi-Automated Forces (CGF/SAF). Training providers and Warfighters greatly benefit from accurate authoritative data to represent the operational environment. Multiple scenario data generation systems exist; however, it is difficult to find, obtain, and reuse data. The Army requires new and agile processes to pull data from the numerous data sources available to facilitate the building of accurate data bases. The Enterprise Data Services (EDS) is a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach to assist with the discovery, use and re-use of data across both the DoD and Modeling &Simulation (M&S) communities with a goal to provide a M&S enterprise common data production environment that brokers access to distributed cross-community and cross-Service data discovery, retrieval, and enhancement capabilities through enterprise web service.

The current ONESAF operates in a Government leased space. With the future effort, it is anticipated for EDS to formulate a larger portion of the requirements. Along with the addition of EDS, it is desired to have the PEO Government workforce residing in non-leased space. As such, the requirements below regarding contractor owned/leased and managed facilities are desirable in support of this RFI.

The following identifies the business areas for which the requirements apply:

Modeling, architecting, and engineering activities supporting development and


Develop and support enterprise data services to support data discovery, retrieval, and enhancement services.

Incrementally build a service-oriented DoD data enterprise that will enable the rapid discovery, retrieval, and reuse of data and services across the spectrum of M&S communities.

Develop of data enhancement services data tools for enterprise data services.

Integration, interoperability, and support services as well as system testing activities in house and on site.

Development and support for cloud enabled approach to enable the discovery, use, and re-use of data for OneSAF and M&S Communities (Planning, Analysis, Acquisition, Training, Intelligence, Experimentation, and Test and Evaluation).

Training OneSAF products and providing supplemental training aids to support training needs to OneSAF user community.

Distribution and support of products and tools to 200+ DOD, Joint service, and international sites and users worldwide.

Help Desk support activities to include telephonic support, e-mail support, and exercise support.

Information Assurance Vulnerability Management (IAVM) updates and distribution to development environment and supported sites.

Facility to conduct development, integration, and testing.

GFE, GFP, and equipment management at a contractor owned and managed location.

Facility must be capable of supporting development and storage of both unclassified and classified material.

Facility to support the handling, storage, and development of software in a connected Integrated Development Environment (IDE) on both unclassified and classified networks.

Services and Products to include:

(1) Object Oriented Software Development.

(2) Conceptual Modeling, Software Architecture, and Systems Engineering.

(3) Integration, interoperability, test, and support.

(4) Information technology (IT) duties and IDE and secure lab management and sustainment.

(5) Configuration Management of distributed OneSAF software.

(6) Developer and user training activities as well as fielding support.

(7) Mission Command (MC) interface development and integration.

(8) Synthetic Environment development and support.

(9) IAVA Patch Management, consisting of consolidation and distribution to the field after successful testing.

(10) Tele-training/teleconferencing.

(11) Exercise technical support.

(12) Exercise operational support (tying the software to the training objectives).

(13) GFE, GFP, and equipment management at a contractor owned and managed location.

(14) Processing, handling, and storage of classified and unclassified data.

(15) Cloud/Web-based interface and portal development.

(16) Development on both classified and unclassified networks.


The Government anticipates an award in 1QFY17. The delivery period will consist of a one (1) year base plus potentially four (4) one-year options. An Industry Day-Market Research Meeting is scheduled from 0900-1100 on May 29, 2015, to provide information regarding this requirement. The meeting will be held in Partnership III (P3), Room 321A/B located at 3100 Technology Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826. Attendees shall pre-register providing their name, organization, phone number, and email address via email to the Contracts POC no later than1700 onMay 26, 2014. Attendees will also have the opportunity to schedule a 15-minute one-on-one session. When pre-registering, please indicate your firm's desire to participate in a one-on-one session. your firm's point of contact will be notified of your scheduled 15-minute one-on-one discussion with members of the Government’s integrated project team. The one-on-one sessions will be held in person in P3, Room 321A/B from 1230-1700 on Friday, May 29, 2015 and via telecon on Monday, June 1st, 2015 from 1400 - 1600.



1. What recent relevant performance (past five (5) years) and/ or current work experience does your company have performing a program of this type and complexity and of a similar nature? Please indicate whether or not you were a prime contractor. Please describe your effort and role.

2. What critical skill sets do you see as needed to perform this effort? Does your company currently possess the employees with those skill sets? If you do not, how long will it take you to posture yourself to have those employees with those skills sets?

3. Describe your company’s ability to manage engineering resources in occasions where you will have to support additional resource loading due to multiple and conflicting requirements in a short period of time. Provide a recent (past five (5) years) example or examples of this and explain how your company handled the situation.

4. Describe your understanding of the technologies required to meet the Constructive CGF/SAF and service oriented data discovery, retrieval, and enhancement requirements and identify emerging technologies which could be used to satisfy these requirements. Provide examples.

5. If the Government were to require a “connected integrated development environment” at the contractor’s facility, does your company have the ability to provide such an environment? If your company does have this ability, would the location of the integrated development environment be within 25 miles of PEO STRI at 12350 Research Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826? If not, where would the proposed location be? If your company does not have the ability currently at your facility, how long would it take for your company to set up such an environment? Are there any financial constraints that would prevent you from doing so?

6. This contract will require the handling, storage, and development of classified material and to connect with other classified networks on the Defense Research Engineering Network (DREN) and Secret Internet Protocol Router (SIPR) network (SIPRNet). Does your company have the ability currently at your facility to support such an environment within 25 miles of PEO STRI at 12350 Research Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826 and if so would the location be at the same facility as item 6 or different? If different, please explain why. If not, where would the proposed location be? If your company does not have the ability currently at your facility, how long would it take for your company to set up such an environment? Are there any financial constraints that would prevent you from doing so?

7. Describe your understanding and experience with Information Assurance (IA). This program has IAVM requirements. Explain your ability to maintain/meet current IAVM requirements. Describe in your answer your experience with IAVM patches?

8. Describe your understanding and experience with Nonsecure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet) and you company’s ability to support development and connection with other NIPRNet locations.

9. Describe your company’s understanding of the Mission Command (MC) devices supporting Software Block 2 (SWB2) systems and the Contemporary Operating Environment (COE) 1 and 2 and how these would be maintained, supported, used, and tested with the OneSAF software baseline.

10. Describe your company’s understanding of cloud-based technologies supporting multi-location, distributed testing and provide an example of a capability that you’ve developed that highlights this knowledge.

11. Describe your company’s understanding and experience with 0methods to utilize cloud-based technologies for data discovery and content retrieval and to provide a web-based interface for accessing that data.

12. Over the past five years, provide an example of your company’s ability to discover, obtain, and reuse data for acquisition, testing, experimentation, analysis, planning, training, and operations and to build enterprise capabilities to support discovery, access, and reuse of data.

13. Over the past five years, describe your company’s ability to broker access to distributed cross-community and cross-Service data discovery, retrieval, and enhancement capabilities through enterprise web services.


All capability statements sent in response to this Request for Information must be submitted electronically (via email) to the Contracts Specialist identified below.

Response shall include documentation of technical expertise and capability in sufficient detail for the Government to determine that your company possesses the necessary functional area expertise and experience to compete for this acquisition.

It is imperative that business concerns responding to this Request for Information articulate their capabilities clearly and adequately.

1. Only email submission will be accepted.

2. Use MSOffice 97-2003 compatible (.xls, .doc or .ppt) or Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro (.pdf) formats.

3. Classified material will not be accepted.

4. Material samples will not be accepted.

5. Information papers may be submitted in a White Paper Format and will count towards the total number of pages allowed.

The cover sheet shall include the following company information: name, address, and URL, POC and email address, Commercial Government Entity (CAGE) code number, Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number, business type and size and a statement if your firm is or is not foreign owned, foreign controlled or have foreign influence.

6. Limit responses to 10 pages, excluding graphs/charts, or pictures but no more than 30 pages MAXIMUM.

7. Minimum acceptable font size is 12 Times Roman.

8. All documents should be typed in single space, single sided pages.

9. Both large and small business: Is your company capable of providing a team composition that can support the entire scope of this contract effort with sufficient depth to perform the variety of tasks of varying complexity while performing at least 50 percent of the work as a prime? Please explain.

10. Interested Large Business Prime Contractors: Identify what portion of the

requirements you would satisfy in house and what portion and capabilities/components could be subcontracted to small businesses.

11. Small Business interested in Subcontracting: Please be specific in identifying capabilities that support the areas you are interested in.

12. Contractors shall indicate if they are a large or small business based on NAICS Code. If small, please indicate any applicable socio-economic status such as: Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), 8(a), HUB Zone, etc.

13. All responses must be received by the specified due date and time in order to participate.

14. The deadline for submitting capability statements is 3:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (EST)19 June 2015. All email responses shall be sent to:


No proprietary, classified, confidential, or sensitive information should be included in your response. The Government reserves the right to use any non-proprietary information in any resultant solicitation(s).


? Responders are advised that the U.S. Government will not reimburse any contractor for any information or administrative costs incurred in the response to this notification: all costs associated with responding to this notification will be borne solely by the interested party.

? Not responding to this notification does not preclude participation in any future RFP or other solicitation, if any is issued.

? This is a market survey, not a pre-solicitation notice. This request for information is for Market Research purposes only and is being used as an instrument to identify potential business sources that can provide the capabilities described herein.

? The information provided in this notice is subject to change and is not binding on the Government.

? This notice does not constitute an Invitation for Bid (IFB) or a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is not a commitment by the U.S. Government to procure subject products and/or services.

? The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this notice or reimburse the costs incurred by potential offerors in providing the information requested herein.

? Feedback and/or evaluation information will not be provided to any firm regarding their individual capability statements.

? There is no formal solicitation available at this time.

? No award will be made as a result of this market survey.

? If a formal solicitation is generated at a later date, a solicitation notice will be published. All product information and samples if submitted shall be at no cost or obligation to the Government.