UH-72A Lakota Synthetic Flight Training System (SFTS)

Created: 3/19/2014
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**Update 003 to Amendment 002 21 April 2014**

The following part of section L is NOT Required. L. The Offeror shall complete clause 5152.209-5004. Clause 5152.209-5004 is not part of the requirement.

No other changes to the solicitation have been made at this time.

**UPDATE- 10 April 2014**

This update is issued to further clarify answers in amendment 2, on page 31 of 31:

Question:Given the changes in delivery schedule for the 1st two deliveries to 18 and 24 months, is the delivery schedule on page 20 for option devices still accurate?

Answer: The delivery schedule page 20 is still accurate.

New question based on the above answer:

In Solicitation Section F.1 (page 20), the table titled “Desired Delivery Schedule” places the delivery of CLIN 0005 (SFTS #3) and CLIN 0007 (SFTS #4) before the delivery of CLIN 003 (SFTS #2). Scheduling the delivery of option devices prior to the completion of the base contract deliveries could drive the development of two Integrated Master Schedules (i.e., delivery of 4 SFTS’s in 24 months if option is awarded, or delivery of 2 SFTS’s in 24 months if option not awarded). Does the Government intend for the delivery of optional CLINs 0005 and 0007 to occur prior to the delivery of CLIN 0003?

NO, The options for CLIN 0005 (SFTS# 3) and CLIN 0007 (SFTS # 4) will not be exercised any sooner than a successful Critical Design Review (CDR) has been accomplished based upon CLIN 0001 (SFTS # 1) and Subject to Availability of Funds (SAF). Depending upon contractor approach, CLIN 0003 (SFTS # 2) can be delivered prior to 24 months. The option windows delineated in section F are for planning purposes.

No other changes to the solicitation have been made at this time.

**UPDATE- 09 April 2014**

This update is issued to further clarify answers in amendment 2, on page 23 and 25 of 31.

Page 23 of 31

Question: Does the ICS include operating the IOS as an instructor or in support of an instructor?

Answer: Yes, both operating the IOS as an instructor or in support of an instructor.

Page 25 of 31

Question: Is the contractor to provide instructors to conduct pilot and CP training?

Answer: No

The contractor personnel will not be expected to provide formal flight training to aircraft crew. However, the ICS operator, maintainer, or operator maintainer would be expected to provide hands on assistance operating the IOS as required by the crew in training or the training instructor. "Assistance" may include operating the IOS and/or providing informal training/ instruction on the use of the IOS.

No other changes to the solicitation have been made at this time.

**AMENDMENT 002- 07 April 2014**

The solicitation has been amended to include: Updated questions and answers received in response to the subject solicitation. Renamed the first amendment to an UPDATE , and changed the amendment 02 dated 28 Mar 14 to Amendment 01.

All questions received have now been answered by the Government. The following has been changed in the solicitation, along with the following documents have been updated:

- Changed the Proposal due date from the 21 April 14 to 28 April 14.

- See Summary of changes document.

- The Amendment 02 SF30 is the current version of the solicitation.

Documents that have been up dated:

- Attachment_02_140403_UH-72A_SFTS_SPEC

- Attachment_08-Q_and_Com_Gov_Res_Matrix_07_Apr_14

- UH-72A_SFTS_Solicitation_Amen02_Summary_07_Apr_14

- UH-72A_SFTS_Solicitation_Amen02_Conformed_07_Apr_14

- Exhibit_A_UH-72A_17-DEC-2013_R1

- Exhibit_B_UH-72A_17-DEC-2013_R1

- Exhibit_C_UH-72A_17-DEC-2013_R1

No other changes to the solicitation have been made at this time.

**AMENDMENT 001- 28 Mar 2014**

The solicitation has been amended to include the following changes. Also the summary of the changes to the solicitation, and the new conformed copy of the solicitation are attached.

- Add power point presentation is from the AVCATT UH-72A Software PreliminaryDesign Review, it is being provided for informational purposes only. These are not requirements for this solicitation and it does not change the requirements defined in the attachment 01 or attachment 02. The government does not warrant the accuracy or applicability of this data as it relates to the UH-72A Synthetic Flight Training System. Any use or reference to this data is at the risk of the offeror. Posting of this information does not change the published dates regarding submissions of questions and proposals.

- "Paragraph and of PEO STRI – SPEC – PRF-PT-00611 dated 14 Mar 2014 have been updated with the following specifications: 480 volt/60 Hertz or 380 volt/50 Hertz, three phase, four wire, grounded power source. Two circuits are available to power the SFTS system; one for trainer power at 60 amps and one for HVAC power at 100 amps.”

-Attachment 04 has been changed from Draft, and the Government Furnished Information (GFI) for the UH-72A SFTS will be provided in accordance with Attachment 04 to the solicitation STOCII-14-KOV-0002. A new document has been added to the GFI list and is available. (AVCATT UH-72A SW PDR).

- Attachment_05_UH-72A_Section_L_and_M Has been removed, to ensure there is no confusion on what is in section L& M.

- Attachment 08 with all questions and answers has been updated with all the questions that have been received as of 27 Mar 2014.

- Attachment_09_DD254, and Attachment_09a_DD254_Fillable: have been removed, and the requirement for the devices is for a unclassified operations and system only. A revised DD254 will be provided at award.

As a result of this amendment, the following documents have been updated/added :

- Attachment_04_UH-72A_GFP-GFI-List

- Attachment_08_UH-72A-Q_and_Com_Gov_Res_Matrix_27 Mar_14


- UH-72A_SFTS_Solicitation_Amen01_Summary_28_Mar_14

- UH-72A_SFTS_Solicitation_Amen01_Conformed_Copy_28_Mar_14

The following documents have been removed

- Attachment_05_UH-72A_Section_L_and_M

- Attachment_09_DD254

- Attachment_09a_DD254_Fillable

No other changes to the solicitation have been made at this time.

**UPDATE 001- 24 Mar 2014**

The solicitation has been Updated to include the Exhibits A, B, and C to the subject solicitation. As a result of this Update, the following documents have been added:

- Exhibit_A_UH-72A_17-DEC-2013

- Exhibit_B_UH-72A_17-DEC-2013

- Exhibit_C_UH-72A_17-DEC-2013

No other changes to the solicitation have been made at this time.

The United States Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation (PEO STRI), Project Manager for Combined Arms Tactical Trainers (PM CATT) / Product Manager for Air and Command Tactical Trainers (PM ACTT) has a requirement to procure the UH-72A Lakota Synthetic Flight Training System (SFTS).


03 April 2014, 1:00 PM EST*

Submission of Request for Government Furnished Information

03 April 2014, 1:00 PM EST

Submission of Questions/Comments

11 April 2014, 3:00 PM EST

Notification of Intent to Submit Offer

21 April 2014, 1:00 PM EST

Submission of Proposal

*EST = Eastern Standard Time

As noted in the 30 January 2014 Posting of the Draft Solicitation STOCII-14-KOV-0002, a determination has been made that this acquisition under STOC II will be a Lot II set-aside for Small Business (SB).

Attachment 02 to the Solicitation, SFTS System Specification Version PRF-PT-00611 dated 14 March 2014, is available for distribution via e-mail. Interested Offerors who intend to respond to this announcement may submit an e-mail request for a copy of the system specification by contacting the Contract Specialist, Craig H Cunningham at Craig.Cunningham@us.army.mil. A Non Disclosure Agreement must be signed, and on file prior to obtaining the system specification. If you already have signed one for this effort in the past from previous announcements then please send a copy of it for verification with your request.

All interested STOC II, Lot II SB contractors are requested to provide a Notice of Intent to Submit an Offer in response to this solicitation by 11 April 2013, 1500 (3:00 PM EST). Submit the notification by e-mail to the Procuring Contracting Officer at Felix.r.marrero@us.army.miland a courtesy copy to Craig.Cunningham@us.army.mil when submitting notification to the Procuring Contracting Officer. Failure to provide a notification will not exclude an offeror from submitting a proposal. This is a request only, and there is no requirement in the proposal submission instructions to provide the PCO with a Notification of Intent to Submit an Offer. The request is made as a courtesy to the Procuring Contracting Officer for planning and scheduling purposes only.

Industry is invited to ask questions, submit comments, suggestions, or recommendations to the Contract Specialist by e-mail at Craig.Cunningham@us.army.milno later than 1:00 PM EST on 03 April 2014. Please use the attached

Attachment_07_Question_and_Comment_Matrix. Answers to questions/comments from the draft solicitations are posted to this announcement at Attachment 8. All the new answers to the new questions will be posted by 08 April 2014. Any question received after the date above may not be answered.