Advanced Distributed Modular Acquisition System Instrumentation

Created: 4/2/2014
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STOC II-14-KOT-011
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PURPOSE: The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to obtain information and solicit industry comment prior to issuing a competitive solicitation for the Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) Test Instrumentation effort. BRIEF SUMMARY: The U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI), Project Manager for Instrumentation, Targets, and Threat Simulators (PM ITTS) Instrumentation Management Office (IMO) is performing market research to identify interested sources for a potential new contract for numerous efforts to support the objectives of IMO and its customers, including, but not limited to Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC), other Program Executive Offices (PEOs) and Project Management Offices (PMOs), Defense Laboratories, and other Defense Services and Agencies. Activities focus primarily on areas that would utilize a manufacturing type contract utilizing a technical data package (TDP) build to print type contract vehicle to deliver instrumentation hardware. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: PM ITTS IMO requires a contract to address producing the Advanced Distributed Modular Acquisition System (ADMAS) instrumentation in support of ATC. Instrumentation technical data package(s) will be provided and intended to be a build to print effort. ADMAS instrumentation is utilized by the Army during various testing developmental testing activities and integrated onto test platforms. The instrumentation has also been used in other activities for retrieving data from tactical vehicles. The instrumentation is a single stand alone box, but may be integrated into a variety of vehicles. INTENT OF THIS RFI: The intent of this RFI is to collect responses from offerors interested in providing this capability to fulfill this ATC Instrumentation Effort. Capability statements will not be utilized for any purpose other than market research. The Government requires responses that provide concepts to fulfill the needs described, past experience in similar efforts, a rough order of magnitude and a description of how you would approach this effort. The industry feedback will allow PEO STRI to validate cost and production capabilities to satisfy this requirement and will help in finalizing the determination of contract strategies. ACQUISITION APPROACH: It is the Government's intent that the ATC Instrumentation program will be executed as a full and open competitive award, and focused to the greatest extent on utilizing Small Businesses. The contract vehicle type has not been determined however a fixed price contract is originally being contemplated. The Government anticipates award on a Best Value/Trade off basis. Responses from industry will finalize the determination of a contracting strategy. REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI): Interested parties are requested to review the RFI and provide your written responses by 12:00 PM EST on date. The Government is requesting specific responses to the information provided below: a. Administrative: i. Provide company name, points of contact with phone number, and e-mail. ii. Organization size, Ownership, Socio-economic classification, Cage code, DUNS Number. iii. Every page should have the company name, header, page numbers, date and if applicable the version number. iv. Information considered company proprietary shall be clearly marked. v. If the vendor is a small business and is interested in participating as a prime, sufficient discussions shall be provided to address limitation on subcontracting per FAR 52.219-14. Vendors interested only in subcontracting opportunities should state so. b. Technical: It is expected that individual orders for instrumentation products may be placed throughout the life of the effort and will require quick turnaround capability. i. Describe your manufacturing capability. Include your process and approach to provide rough order of magnitude (ROM) on cost (detailed rate structure or buildups are not required), schedule, and performance with expedient turnaround times. Included in this should be internal capability and sub-contractors or vendor provided service/manufacturing used during manufacturing ii. Describe relevant technical history that demonstrates your technical skill sets from work completed. iii.. Describe how you have managed similar efforts and type of products produced. iv. During the effort there may be demand(s) that require quick turnaround or increase in capability to meet the need. Describe your production capability and ability to surge to meet demands, specifically address your type of products manufactured and quantity ranges that you are able to satisfy. This should include the ability to surge as required. v. Describe your past performance regarding the products produced on similar efforts described above. c. PEO STRI would like information on how the Government can satisfy its needs; contracting strategies; technology innovations; program risks; information/data/schedule required for production capability to surge, identification of cost drivers and any other information that may be relevant, which will enable the Government to assess an appropriate strategy. Vendors interested in this opportunity are requested to email their response no later than 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) on April 30, 2014 to: Contract Specialist Mr. Michael Hickey ( Should Contractors have questions with regard to this effort, it is requested that questions be submitted in writing to the Contract Specialist on or before 3:30 EST on April 21, 2014. All non proprietary questions/answers will be posted via the appropriate web portal by 3:30 EST March 2013. Contractors are requested to provide a white paper not exceeding ten (10) pages double spaced; single sided, including the cover sheet. Font size shall not be smaller than industry standard word processor 12-point Times New Roman in a MS Word document. Your white paper must be clear, concise, and should contain sufficient detail for the Government to make an informed decision regarding your capabilities. Due to the nature of the technical data regarding this effort, its distribution must be limited to U.S. Contractors (who are not foreign owned or foreign country influenced) and or those firms who are authorized DoD Contractors and who can certify to such. Vendors who wish to receive this data shall provide this evidence/certification in sufficient time to ensure the timely submittal of any questions and your required white paper. The RFI closure date will not be extended due to the lack of the timely receipt of this certification. Once this certification is received, the data identified shall be provided electronically. DISCLAIMER: This notice does not constitute an invitation for bids or a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is not a commitment by the U.S. Government to procure subject products or services nor will the Government reimburse any parties for costs associated with this request. No solicitation documents exist at this time. The submission of this information is for planning purposes only. The information received will not obligate the Government in any manner nor will the Government reimburse companies for any costs associated with the submittal of responses to this RFI. This RFI does not constitute an invitation for Bid or a Request for Proposal nor should it be considered as a commitment on the part of the Government. Any information obtained as a result of this RFI is intended to be used by the Government on a non attribution basis for program planning, acquisition strategy development, statement of work, statement of objectives, and performance specifications. Contracting Office Address: PEO STRI Acquisition Center 12350 Research Parkway, Orlando FL 32826-3276 Place of Performance: PEO STRI Acquisition Center 12350 Research Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826-3276
PEO STRI Acquisition Center, 12350 Research Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826-3276
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Mr. Michael Hickey
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Dennis Schneider