Area Mine Clearance System (AMCS) Medium Flail Virtual Trainer (MFVT)

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** UPDATE 3 July 2013**

A DRAFT Systems Requirements Documents (SRD) and SRD Appendix A have been posted to this Sources Sought Notice in order to receive feedback from industry. All interested industry partners are invited to submit comments and/or questions regarding these DRAFT documents.

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23 OCT 2012

TITLE: Area Mine Clearance System (AMCS) Medium Flail Virtual Trainer (MFVT)

Response Date: November 30, 2012

Classification Code: 69 – Training Aids and Devices

NAICS Code: 333318


Hands on Demonstration

A Hands on Demonstration is scheduled for 13 November -14 November 2012 in Ft. Custer, MI to provide a demonstration and inspection of the AMCS Medium Flail vehicle.


The U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEO STRI), Program Manager Combined Arms Tactical Trainers (PM CATT), Project Manager for Ground Combat Tactical Trainers (PM GCTT) is contemplating a new contract for a family of virtual trainers for the Area Mine Clearance System (AMCS) Medium Flail vehicle to include Operator, Driver, Maintenance, and Collective training requirements. The base effort is anticipated to be for 4 mobile trainers with an option for 4 more mobile trainers that teach the various skillsets required for the operation of the AMCS Medium Flail vehicle. This Acquisition encompasses the application of current and emerging technologies to provide the required training capability through the procurement of new system(s). This Request for Information (RFI) solicits industry’s feedback on this procurement.

PEO STRI is currently developing its acquisition approach as well as the Period of Performance (POP) of the contract. It is contemplated that this award will be made through the Best Value Trade Off approach in accordance with FAR 15-101. This acquisition will require access to information classified as “Sensitive but Unclassified” or “For Official Use Only”.


The Area Clearance Platoon will provide the Joint Force and Army with a safer clearing capability. It increases the clearing capability from approximately 80 square meters per platoon per day to between 2000 and 3000 square meters per platoon per day.

Unique to the Area Clearance Platoon is the Area Mine Clearance System (AMCS) Medium Flail. The AMCS is a mobile, manned, blast protected vehicle designed to clear anti-tank and anti-personnel mines by means of a rotating flail. The AMCS is a manually operated, self powered vehicle with the capability to adjust flailing depth. Power is provided by two diesel engines - one is connected to an automatic transmission for driving, and both are connected to hydraulic pumps for flail rotation. Behind the flail is an armored shield plate for protection against blast effects and fragments. The Flail and shield plate level can be adjusted independently. Clearing may be performed manually or automatically. The flail assembly can be stowed over the rear of the machine using hydraulic cylinders controlled by joysticks from the cab. The cab is armored, with a blast protected seat for the driver and separate passenger seat. The cabin also contains computer-controlled equipment for failure monitoring, flail control and user-maintenance supervision. The AMCS cab seats one crew member that both drives and operates the flail head. The driver’s seat turns 180 degrees to become the operator’s seat.

Two AMCS’s are in each Area Mine Clearance Platoon. The AMCS vehicles can either clear mine fields in tandem or work independently from each other. The AMCS is designed to conduct missions in various terrains, including, but not limited to; urban areas, fields, forests, bushes, trails, riverbanks and muddy areas. To clear the area the rotor is equipped with two rows of mounting lugs holding 72 chains with hammers at the end.

The AMCS Medium Flail is a commercially available vehicle that was not developed by the US Army and the US Army does not own the Technical Data Package. No vehicle drawing or software is available for this procurement. Also no GFE AMCS Medium Flail vehicle hardware is available for incorporation into the trainer design.

Intended Capabilities:

The AMCS MFVT operator trainer is a virtual system designed to meet the specific training needs of institutions and MACOMs. Its design shall include:

Training in realistic and increasingly difficult conditions within a virtual environment.

Training at home station in platoon level mine clearing operations.

Driving dynamics that replicate the performance and handling of the AMCS Medium Flail vehicle.

Operation that replicates the flailing equipment to include aural cues, visual cues and feel.

Ability to train in complex urban, desert, woodland, mountainous and jungle terrain environments and clearing of airfield runways.

Ability to train in different weather conditions.

Ability for After Action Review (AAR) for immediate feedback to students

Ability to track student progress and provide a long-term record of training.

Ability for an instructor led and controlled training session.

Ability for voice and/or data communication between each platoon member in the scenario and the instructors.

The visual/display subsystem shall provide a computer generated representation of the synthetic environment to the crew.

The trainer shall provide correct field of view for the AMCS Medium Flail vehicle that is necessary to operate and drive the AMCS Medium Flail. The side and rear view mirrors shall be replicated.

The trainer shall provide realistic real-time aural cues appropriate to the vehicle dynamics, malfunctions, terrain and exterior occurrences.

The trainer shall include an automated instructor that provides pre-programmed corrective instructions to the student based on incorrect AMCS Medium Flail operation. The automated instructor function can be enabled and disabled.

The crew compartment shall have the necessary controls, indicators, switches and crew position components that replicate the functionality of the AMCS Medium Flail platform to support all training tasks.

The Operator/Driver trainer for the AMCS Medium Flail shall have two optional configurations. The first is without a motion platform and the second is with a motion platform. The crew compartment shall be mounted on a motion platform to provide more realistic training for the students.

The Operator/Driver trainer for the AMCS MFVT shall have be a mobile configuration. The mobile configuration shall be housed in a shelter mounted on a trailer and shall be transportable by International Standardization Organization (ISO) standards and/or DOT Standards. A power generator and HVAC unit shall also be included to support all power and air conditioner requirements. The system shall be able to connect to shore power provided by a facility. The shelter shall house two trainer stations as well as the Instructor Operator Station/After Action Review Station (IOS/AAR). It shall be capable of being prepared for transportation over road in a short amount of time. It shall be transported via commercial tractor or truck with no special permits for size or weight.

The IOS/AAR shall be capable of controlling and recording two student stations simultaneously while conducting an AAR of a previous lesson. Lesson playback shall include a bird’s eye view and include all audio and video views of the students.

A minimum of 100 lessons will be created. Student performance shall be graded based on predetermined criteria for student actions.

Student progression to the next level of difficulty will be based on the scores of previous exercises.

A learning management system will allow the instructors to create and modify lessons content and scoring criteria.

The training virtual environment should replicate varied terrain, i.e. flat to rolling, temperate; desert; urban/complex; mountainous regions; and available geo-typical databases (i.e. Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Bosnia, NTC, and SWA).

Replication of atmospheric and meteorological effects will be provided to include day, dusk, dawn, night, clouds, overcast, fog, dust, rain, and snow.

Hands on Demonstration

A Hands on Demonstration is scheduled for 13 November -14 November 2012 in Ft. Custer, MI to provide a demonstration and inspection of the AMCS Medium Flail vehicle. Please coordinate with the following POC to provide your company name, number of people planning to attend, and the names of those attending. All attendees must be U.S. citizens.

Point of Contact for the Hands on Demonstration:

Baley Conover

(407) 208-3366

Government Furnished Equipment/Information to be Provided:

The DRAFT -10 Technical Manuals for the AMCS Medium Flail are available for release following the execution of a Distribution Agreement found as Attachment (1) to this RFI. The Government has not authenticated the Technical Manuals, therefore only a draft version is releasable.

The -10 Technical Manuals are considered Sensitive but Unclassified data that will be provided with GOVERNMENT PURPOSE RIGHTS and Export Control restrictions. The CD containing Technical Manuals has the following marking:

Distribution Statement: DISTRIBUTION D - Distribution authorized to the Department of Defense and U.S. DoD contractors only with execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement between the Government (PEO STRI) and the express Recipient. Documents shall not be transferred to subcontractors without the execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement between the Government (PEO STRI) and the express Recipient.

Warning: Any part or all of any attached document(s) or files may contain technical data whose export is restricted by the Arms Export Control Act (Title 22, USC Sec 2751, et seq.) or the Export Administration Act of 1979 (Title 50, USC app 2401 et seq.), as amended. Violators of these export laws are subject to severe criminal penalties.

The Technical Manuals are export controlled, available to U.S./Canadian Contractors registered in the DLA Logistics Information Service of the U.S./Canada Joint Certification Program (JCP) System. In order to obtain a copy of the CD, contractors shall forward the request for the Technical Manuals along with their JCP Certification Number and CAGE Code to:

- Baley Conover, Contract Specialist /

- Patricia Hyland, Contracting Officer /

The intended recipient shall complete, sign, and forward the attached use and non-disclosure agreement (NDA) prior to release, or disclosure of the data.

After verification that the company is active in the DLA JCP system and execution of a NDA, the below listed personnel will contact the company to make arrangement for pick-up of the CD. The disc is only available for pick-up at PEO STRI Partnership II building, located at 3100 Technology Parkway Orlando, Florida 32826-3281.

Requested Information

The Government is interested in receiving your insight on the aforementioned proposed acquisition. Every page of your response must include your company’s name as well as page number, i.e. Page # of 25. The suggested page count is no more than 30 pages. Font is not to be smaller than 12 points. Responses should include the following information:

1. Company name, address, POC, email addresses, phone and fax numbers, and company’s web page (if applicable)

2. Identification of business size as it relates to NAICS code 333318, i.e. US large or small business (SB), service disabled veteran business, HUB Zone, 8(a) certified business, Woman Owned SB, etc;

3. Short history of your firm’s experience in providing similar simulators and virtual trainers;

4. If your firm is a small business under NAICS Code 333318, and you are interested in participating in this acquisition, please provide feedback to the following questions

o If you intend to be a prime contractor, how do you plan to meet the requirements of FAR 52.219-14, Limitations on Subcontracting?

o If you desire to be a subcontractor, please specify the areas you firm is interested in supporting.

5. If your firm is a large business under NAICS Code 333318, please identify what you believe the subcontracting opportunities are, and provide your recommendations for subcontracting goals

6. Describe how you will fulfill the various rolls/skillsets of the AMCS Medium Flail through a virtual trainer.

7. How do you believe the Government can best conduct the training of the various roles/skillsets of the AMCS Medium Flail

8. Describe the dynamic terrain that will be used to include the image generator/game engine, physics engine, soil and other models, and effects of the dynamic terrain (dirt piles, excavated areas) on the equipment and other entities in the scenario.

9. How complex of a motion system is recommended to satisfy the driver/operator training requirements?

10. The Government prefers an open architecture software design. How would your firm provide a technical approach that meets this? Please describe any proposed approach such as Gov. Purpose Rights, license agreement, etc.

11. What is the lead time for development and production of a driver trainer? Operator trainer? Combination?

12. What type of warrant/sustainment will your company provide?

DISCLAIMER: This notice does not constitute an invitation for bids or a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is not a commitment by the U.S. Government to procure subject products. THERE IS NOT A SOLICITATION DOCUMENT AT THIS TIME. No funds are available to pay for preparation of responses to this notification. The submission of said information is for PLANNING PURPok

OSES ONLY and is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government to procure any products or for the Government.

Submit RFI responses via e-mail by 1600 Eastern Standard Time (EST) two weeks after the Hands on Demo, to the following POCs:

Baley Conover, Contract Specialist

(407) 208-3366,

Patricia Hyland, Contracting Officer

(407) 384-3754,

Carlos Alvarado, Project Director

(407) 384-3944,

David Voor, Lead Systems Engineer

(407) 208-5876,

Contracts POC:

Baley Conover
(407) 208-3366

Technical POC:

David Voor
(407) 208-5876