Consolidated Product-line Management(CPM) Next w/update of 22 January 2014

Created: 6/5/2013
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22 January 2014 Update

DRAFT requirements documents for the CPM Next procurement have been posted to FedBizOpps under W900KK-13-SSN-CPMNEXT for industry review and comment. Interested industry partners are requested to visit the FedBizOpps site to view these documents and provide questions or comments to the Government by the closing date. Please be advised that all future communications for CPM Next will be posted solely through the FedBizOpps site.

18 June 2013 Update

The location for the Program Overview scheduled for 24 June 2013 at 1300-1600 hrs. has changed. The new location is as follows:

Partnership III

3039 Technology Parkway

3rd Floor, Rms. 321 A & B

Orlando, FL 32826

Note: The recommended attire for all sessions is business casual.

All other information in the original CPM Next Sources Sought remains unchanged.


This summation is provided for informational purposes only. Asources sought noticewas released via Fedbizopps on 5 June 2013 to solicit interested parties

Program Title: Consolidated Product-line Management Next (CPM Next)

Introduction & Requirement Summary: The Program Executive Office Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation’s (PEO STRI’s) Project Manager Training Devices (PM TRADE) Live Training Transformation (LT2) CPM Next approach focuses on the requirements, development, execution, management, and synchronization of the LT2 Product-Line (P/L).

In 2001, PEO STRI put the LT2 P/L strategy in place. Today, through the use of the current CPM contract, PM TRADE builds and maintains the LT2 P/L systems in support of home station training, deployed training, urban operations training, Maneuver Combat Training Centers (MCTCs) training, and instrumented live-fire range training. The LT2 P/L provides state-of-the-art training systems to the warfighter using over 120 common reusable software components, architectural infrastructure, interfaces, standards, processes, and information technology assets. The LT2 holistic paradigm provides an efficient Army training support system modernization strategy that:

  • provides key enablers for the Army’s Live, Virtual, and Constructive domains, and Joint Integrated Training Environment (ITE)
  • focuses on effective and current implementation of Information Assurance
  • aligns with the DoD Training Transformation vision (i.e. Test & Training, Embedded Training, and Dual Use Equipment)
  • incorporates Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts that facilitate architectural evolution to support DoD Net-centricity and the Army’s vision for the Common Operating Environment (COE)

With over 150 systems fielded globally, the LT2 P/L successfully employs technical and acquisition strategies that significantly reduces fielding time, minimize acquisition costs, enables total ownership cost reductions across the live training domain and Live, Virtual, Constructive-Integrated Training Environment (LVC-ITE), and enhances training benefits afforded to the warfighter.

The CPM Next contract will continue to manage the evolution of the LT2 P/L and provide total life-cycle support to those programs that utilize the LT2 P/L. The CPM Next contract will continue to meet the requirement for a consolidated streamlined approach that protects and leverages the Army’s LT2 P/L investment, continues the development and evolution of the LT2 products/systems, core assets, architectural frameworks, and the LT2 P/L Construct, while continuing to provide PM TRADE an efficient, effective, and agile method to accomplish:

development, integration, testing, management, maintenance, and evolution of the LT2 P/L (products, systems, Systems of Systems (SoS) capabilities, architectures, processes, and core assets)

total life-cycle system management and P/L support

P/L support of products, systems, and SoS capabilities that leverage LT2 P/L assets

architectural and system development, and core asset evolution in support of external interoperability initiatives such as LVC-ITE, COE, Joint services initiatives, and Foreign Military Sales as required within the LT2 P/L

synchronization with other PEO STRI efforts and initiatives as required by the LT2 P/L (such as the Warfighter FOCUS contract)

CPM Next is the contractual framework by which PM TRADE will execute control of a systems life cycle within a SoS environment to maximize the commonality, reuse and interoperability of the system, while maintaining integrity of the product lines from which it is based. CPM Next will continue to evolve the deliberate process for managing the development, production, and sustainment of LT2 products. It enables using organizations to maintain visibility and control of the configuration of those systems, and SoS integration for which they are responsible throughout the total system life cycle.

The anticipated nature and complexity of the LT2 P/L work tasks (ranging from P/L architectural development, system development, SoS management to P/L core asset variability, and configuration management) associated with the CPM Next requires mature and established processes.

Acquisition Strategy Planning Information:

Draft CPM Next Statement of Works (SOWs): Four Draft SOWs are provided with this announcement: 1) CPM Next Base SOW, 2) CPM Next Construct SOW, 3) CPM Next CTIA SOW and 4) CPM Next PDSS SOW. Please utilize these SOWs when developing your responses to this sources sought notice.

Contract Vehicle: Based upon the current CPM contract approach and successes garnered from that approach (cost avoidances in keeping with Better Buying Power (BBP) initial guidance and BBP 2.0, as an example) the contemplated contract approach is a single award Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract with delivery orders under the IDIQ contract to accomplish the work expected. The existing CPM contract has had to date 15 delivery orders.

Contract Type: Delivery order contract types under the CPM Next overarching contract are anticipated to be consistent with the CPM contract – multiple types that provide flexibility and agility to the using program offices that want to garner the benefits of the LT2 processes in place for cost avoidance and conformance to Army live training standards. CPM historical data of the delivery orders indicates that 91% were Cost Plus Fixed Fee (work type including system development, architecture development, post deployment system support, and integration), 8% Firm Fixed Price (work type including integration, technology insertion, and technology refresh), and 1% Time and Material contract types (work type was services).

Approximate Funding: The existing CPM contract is a five year $200M single award IDIQ contract. Funding for the existing CPM contract work comes from the multiple programs that place delivery order work on the CPM contract. It is anticipated that CPM Next contract will be at the funding level of $250-300M.

Acquisition Time Estimates:

Responses to the Sources Sought Information are requested by 21 June 2013

Industry Day will be held on 24/25 June 2013 at PEO STRI in Orlando, FL

Draft RFP Release 1st quarter FY14

RFP Release 2nd quarter FY14

Proposals Due 30 days after RFP release

Contract Award - TBD

Information Paper Instructions: As a part of Market Research, the Government requests interested contractors provide up to a 10 page summary, inclusive of cover page, that addresses the following topics within the context of the LT2 P/L domain.

1) PM TRADE is looking for ideas, strategies and solutions to enable the LT2 P/L to achieve PM TRADE Strategic Business Goals, listed below:

reduce operational costs and complexity

align and support product development (common standards, interfaces, etc)

enhance soldier training

reduce sustainment and development costs

increase technology agility

leverage other Army systems and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) technologies

align to the Army COE, mobile computing, and distributed computing strategies

2) Specifically address ideas, strategies, and solutions related to LT2 P/L Consolidated Post Development System Support (PDSS) and Post Production System Support (PPSS). Please elaborate on how these ideas will result in cost avoidance, increased performance, sustained information assurance accreditation, and higher quality products.

3) Specifically address ideas, strategies, and solutions related to LT2 P/L fielding Technical Data Packages (TDP). Intent is to address an integrated and open approach for LT2 P/L TDPs to be seamlessly incorporated into sustainment activities repositories.

4) Specifically address ideas, strategies and solutions related to LT2 P/L development and sustainment of logistics products such as training, operator, and support manuals,to include TDP artifacts such as drawings, interface control documents, etc. Please elaborate on how these ideas will result in cost avoidance, increased performance, enhanced usability and higher quality products.

5) Specifically address ideas, strategies, and solutions related to SoS management & configuration management across the LT2 portfolio of systems and products across the life cycle.

6) Specifically address ideas, strategies, and solutions related to optimized testing methodologies and environments across the life cycle within a P/L environment. Please elaborate on how these ideas will result in cost avoidance, increased performance, and higher quality products.

7) Contractual methodologies and teaming arrangements that would increase broad access to technical capabilities as needed in an agile fashion, while minimizing Government costs, such as associated pass through costs within teaming arrangements.

8) On your cover sheet, please clearly indicate the following:

a. Company size (large or small business)

b. Whether you are a STOC II IDIQ contractor and if so, what Lot(s)

c. Your interest in CPM Next (Prime or Subcontractor)

9) Other Information: To assist in determining acquisition strategy, the following information is requested.

NAICS Code:The current NAICS code under consideration is 333318, business size 1,000 employees. We are looking for feedback as to how the code will affect business decisions, and suggestions, if appropriate.

Contract Type and Vehicle:At this time we contemplate a single award IDIQ contract; however, no specific contract type or vehicle has been decided upon. We welcome input as to the most appropriate type and vehicle. Please identify pros and cons as you see them.

Interested Large Business Prime Contractors:Identify what portion of the requirements you would satisfy in house and what portion and capabilities/components would be subcontracted to small businesses.

Interested Small Business Prime Contractors:Thoroughly discuss how the 50% small business set-aside requirement would be met, and how teaming to meet the overall requirements would be accomplished. Information in this paragraph may overlap information in the other paragraphs and you may refer back to the other paragraphs as appropriate.

Key Factors/Discriminators:In line with the seven numbered paragraphs listed in the “Information Paper Instructions” section of this Sources Sought document, discuss risk areas and discriminators that industry perceives as key to the CPM Next program’s success and execution.

All strategies should strive to protect and leverage the Army’s LT2 P/L investment, while evolving core assets and the LT2 Construct tools and processes to ensure technology relevance across the P/L.

A web-based portal hosts a reference library and contains a multitude of information related to PM TRADE LT2 and CPM efforts. The library is located at Click on the Register button and follow the instructions to gain access. Additionally, an LT2 portal collaboration area has been set up for the CPM Next acquisition. It is located on the LT2 portal under the ‘Collaborate’ tab and is titled “CPM Next Acquisition Site”. Please follow the directions for access.

Companies electing to respond to this Sources Sought shall submit responses to Mr. Ray Fegal, Contract Specialist, at, with copy to the Procuring Contracting Officer, Lisa C. Parker, at, no later than 16:00 EST, 21 June 2013.

Industry Day

CPM NEXT Program Overview and Discussion

Tech Point II (AFAMS) Building

Bishop Conference Room (126)

3051 Technology Parkway, Orlando FL 32826

CPM NEXT One-on-Ones:

Tech Point II (AFAMS) Building

Conference Room 123 (adjacent to the Bishop Conference Room)

3051 Technology Parkway, Orlando FL 32826


- CPM Next Program Overview and Discussion: 1300-1600 (EST), 24 June 2013

- Prime Contractor, One-on-One Discussions: 25 June 2013 (50 minute sessions)

RSVP: Please provide an email notification to Adrian Ravelo at the following information:

- CPM Next Program Overview and Discussion – company name and number of attendees. It is requested that the number of attendees per company be limited to eight people per team.

- One-on-One, Prime Contractor Only – slot request or first available at request, again limited to eight Contractor personnel.

Tues, 25 June




Slot P1


Slot P2


Slot P3


Slot P4


Slot P5


Slot P6


Slot P7

The government encourages industry to share general and specific comments to improve the quality and clarity of the released draft documents as well as provide recommendations for preferred contract types and vehicles. As a part of the market research acquisition phase, individual discussions regarding a contractor’s solution will not be shared with other contractors. Industry is reminded that the Government is not providing feedback or assessment regarding contractor’s solutions.

The incumbent contractor for the existing CPM effort under contract number W900KK-10-D-0001 is GeneralDynamics C4 Systems, Inc., 12001 Research Parkway Ste 500, Orlando, FL 32826-3249.

Contracts POC:

Ms. Virginia Christensen
(407) 208-3330

Technical POC:

Mr. Jim Grosse
(407) 384-3872