Husky Mounted Detection System (HMDS) Version 1 (V1) Trainer

Created: 12/16/2013
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STOC II-14-KOL-0004
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UPDATE 1 May 14

The Government would like to thank you for your interest in the HMDS V1 trainer. PEO STRI has conducted a detailed analysis of responses to the Request for Information. PEO STRI and PM CCS have determined that avenues other than industry will be pursued in this acquisition. We believe that this option is in the best interest and overall value to the Government. Thank you again for the time and effort put forth by each company to supply the Government with valuable information during our market research phase.

UPDATE 19 Feb 14

Live Demonstration Attendee List posted. Please be advised that a list of potential primes will be uploaded after Capability Statements are received.Anticipated release of said list is 11 Apr 14. Contractors are responsible for teaming arrangements. Any questions please contact the Contract Specialist, Carrie Pickett, at

Additionally,GovernmentRFI Q&A responses posted. See "HMDS Questions" attachment.

UPDATE6 Feb 14

The Government has requested a high level ROM submittal by 31 March 2014. The following statementno longer applies (seeRFI posted on 16 December 2013) - "The ROM should include estimated annual cost over the five year period of the contract by labor category." To clarify, the intent of the ROM request is to arrive at an industry averageunit price for the production ofone (1) HMDS V1 Trainer. When calculating your ROM, please assume the TDP will include 3D drawings designed with the SolidWorks mechanical CAD program.

Please do not include the following in your high level estimate:





Additionally, as part of our market research, the Government is seeking industry's input for the CLS concept. Please submit your ideas along with your capabilities statement and ROM.

Furthermore, please be advised that Contracting Officer has changed to Christie Martinez -

UPDATE 16 Jan 14

Questions and Responses for the HMDS posted as an attachment herein.

UPDATE 14 Jan 14

Driving directions, maps, and the schedule for the upcoming demoand one-on-ones have been posted as attachments herein.

The HMDS Trainer Brief and System Demo will take place at:

4810 Austin Rd [Building E4810]

Edgewood, MD 21040

The one-on-one sessions will take place at:

4301 Otto Rd.

Edgewood, MD21040

PLEASE NOTE: Attendees will need their driver's license and vehicle registration paperwork for their car rental for admittance to APG.

Please provide names and contact information for all attendeesNOT listed on our roster to Ms. Carrie Pickett with a cc to Mr. Ron Inmon.


***Capability Statements are due 31 March 2014***


Husky Mounted Detection System (HMDS) Version 1 (V1) Trainer

Notice Type:

Request for Information/System Demonstration for Market Research

Brief Description:

PEO STRI Project Manager for Training Devices (PM TRADE), Product Manager for Live Training Systems (LTS) may have a future requirement to procure HMDS V1 Trainers. A live demonstration is planned from 28 Jan – 31 Jan 2014 at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD to gather market research from Industry to explore feasibility for a build to print effort or a combined specification/technical data package (TDP) option. Assembly drawings and a partial TDP are attached to further support a ROM. The intent of the demonstration is to provide Industry partners with access to the tactical device as well as the current surrogate device to aid in the development of a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM), and for input to the government on the viability of potential strategies. Following the system demonstration and Industry’s input, the funding program office will make a determination about whether the systems will continue to be built by the Army Depots or if a Request for Proposal is issued to Industry.

HMDS V1 Trainers consists ofmodular payload kits tobe mounted on Husky vehicles allowing them to be installed on/removed from the Husky vehicle. The Husky Mounted Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Detection Capability will detect and mark a broader spectrum of IEDs, explosive hazards, and Unexploded Ordnances (UXOs) in a wide range of road surfaces and varying soil conditions; will have a low false alarm rate; will achieve a high rate of operational effectiveness to detect explosive hazards; and will have its detector head mounted forward of the vehicle, to reduce the operator's cab from direct exposure to explosive hazards. The marking capability will accurately mark suspected explosive hazards.The current HMDS Surrogate uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to replicate the detection of metallic buried objects. This information is transmitted back to the Operator Control in the vehicle cab. The software on the Operator Control replicates the software used on the Tactical device. The current system includes four replicated panels that mount to the front of the vehicle, an Operator Control panel that replicates the tactical version, a marking bar, and an auto height sensor that adjusts the front panels for detected obstacles in the road.

Acquisition Strategy Planning Information (DRAFT):

If funding is made available, the Government is exploring potential Acquisition strategies; Option 1: a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) delivery order evaluated as lowest price technically acceptable (LPTA), with a time and materials (T&M) line item(s) for Contractor Logistics Support (CLS). Option 2: FFP delivery order evaluated as best value with T&M line items for CLS. The period of performance will be for no more than five years with a one-year base period with four one-year options. The base year (FY15) will include a Low-Rate Initial Production (LRIP) to validate the production line, then move into Full Rate Production (FRP) to produce at least 76 systems. The second year (FY16) will produce a quantity of 100 systems.The third year (FY17) will produce 84 systems.

RESPONSES REQUESTED: Contractors electing to participate should contact Carrie Pickett, Contract Specialist by electronic mail at with a copy furnished to Leslie Nolin, Contracting Officer at not later than 4:00 PM EST, 10 Jan 2014.

1)Submit preliminary questions in writing to Ron Inmon, Project Director or Carrie Pickett, Contract Specialist at by 4:00 PM EST, 10 Jan 2014.

2) Contractors electing to participate in the live demonstration should contact Carrie Pickett, Contract Specialist by electronic mail at with a copy furnished to Leslie Nolin, Contracting Officer at not later than 4:00 PM EST, 10 Jan 2014.

3)Following the live demonstration, the government request the following submissions:

a. Questions in writing to Ron Inmon, Project Director at or Carrie Pickett, Contract Specialist at by 4:00 PM EST, 14 Feb 2014. The government will post responses to all questions via an update to this RFI by 28 Feb 2014.

b. A capability statement that provides the information requested below. Responses shall not exceed ten (10) pages not including cover sheet. In addition, contractors are encouraged to submit marketing brochures or pamphlets along with their capability statement.

c. A description of your company’s capability in producing similar efforts in a secure environment consistent with the requirements above and attached documents.

d. A Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) for the envisioned effort. The ROM should include estimated annual cost over the five year period of the contract by labor category. Detailed overhead rates or buildups are not required.

e. Suggestions on best Acquisition approach given the information available.

4) Respondents are reminded to properly mark any proprietary information.

5) All responses to this notice should include the following: Company Name, Point of Contact, Address, Telephone and Fax Numbers, Email Address, DUNS number, CAGE code, NAICS Code and Small Business Size Status with any applicable socio-economic status such as Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), 8(a), etc.). Small businesses are asked to indicate interest in participating as the prime contractor or as a subcontractor.

DISCLAIMER: THIS REQUEST FOR INFORMATION is for Market Research purposes only and is being used as an instrument to identify potential technologies and sources that can provide the capabilities described within this notice. The information provided in this notice is subject to change and is not binding on the Government. This notice does not constitute an invitation for bids or a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is not a commitment by the U.S. Government to procure subject products. No funds are available to pay for preparation of responses to this notification. The Government will use the information received to determine its acquisition strategy. Additionally, all submissions become government property and will not be returned. No basis for a claim against the Government shall arise as a result from a response to this RFI.

Contracts POC: Carrie Pickett, (407) 208-3321, POC: Ron Inmon, (407) 208-3364,

Contracting Office Address:

PEO STRI Acquisition Center, 12350 Research Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826-3276

Contracts POC:

Carrie Pickett
(407) 208-3321

Technical POC:

Ron Inmon
(407) 208-3364