Instrumentable-Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (I-MILES) Vehicle Tactical Engagement Simulation System (VTESS)

Created: 9/23/2014
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Request For Information (RFI)

Program Title: Instrumentable-Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (I-MILES) Vehicle Tactical Engagement Simulation System (VTESS).

Introduction:The U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI), Project Manager Training Devices (PM TRADE) and Product Manager Live Training Systems (PM LTS) intends to procure a VTESS which will interface into the Homestation and Combat Training Center (CTC) Instrumentation Systems (IS). The I-MILES VTESS is a laser-based training device that supports the Force-on-Force (FOF) training needs of soldiers occupying Army Vehicles with or without embedded fire-control system. The I-MILES VTESS will support crew-served weapon systems that may be appended to or installed on a vehicle. Additionally, the I-MILES VTESS shall be versatile enough to support use on structures/fixed equipment such as bridges, bunkers, ammunition caches, refuel depots, and buildings.

Product Line Approach: VTESS will be part of the new Live Training Transformation (LT2) TESS Functional Component Architecture and follow a Product Line Architecture (PLA) approach. All VTESS hardware components will be defined through an LT2 Hardware Component Agreement. VTESS Software will conform to the LT2 Live Training Engagement Composition (LTEC) and the LT2 Live Personal Area Network (LPAN) Standards. The Hardware Component Agreements and Software Standards will be provided as Government Furnished Information (GFI) and updated throughout the program. Draft documents are available at (Registration is required). VTESS LT2 components will follow an open architecture approach and be leveraged across the PM TRADE LT2 product line portfolio to maximize reuse and reduce development and sustainment costs.

Draft Acquisition Strategy and Planning Information:

A. Contract Vehicle:To Be Determined (TBD)

B. Contract Type: Firm Fixed Price (FFP) (incentivized possible), with Time and Material (T&M) CLINs

C. Approximate Quantities: 16,000 Base kits and 3,500 Delta Kits

D. Approximate Funding: $150M

E. Draft Schedule:

1. Initial RFI responses due 14:00 DST, 6 OCT 2014

2. The next ongoing LT2 Component Architecture Standards Working Group is scheduled for October 14 and 15 in Orlando, FL. Interested Industry participants are strongly encouraged to join and participate in the PM TRADE LT2 Standards Working Groups. Information concerning the working groups can be found at: LT2 Portal Link:

LT2 Interface Standards WG Collaborative Site:

3. An RFI VTESS program overview presentation will be held from 0900 to 1030 on Thursday 16 OCT 2014 at PEOSTRI Partnership III facility room 321 A&B, address: 3100 Technology Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32826.

4. Following the VTESS program overview presentation, the VTESS Integrated Product Team (IPT) will host 50 minute one-on-one session with the first session beginning Thursday 16 OCT 2014 at 1300 and ending at 1650. Sessions will resume Friday 17 OCT 2014 at 0800 to 1150 and 1300 to 1650.

5. Following the one-on-one session, the contractors will have one week to refine and finalize their RFI technical capability statement. The final technical capability statement is due 14:00 EDT, 24 OCT 2014.

6. Sources Sought Notice and draft technical documentation release – Q2FY15

7. Sources Sought Notice responses due two weeks after posting (Date TBD)

8. Industry Day –three weeks after Sources Sough Notice (Date TBD)

9. Final RFP Release – Q3FY15

10. RFP responses due – Q4FY15

11. Contract Award – Q2FY16

12. Initial Operational Capability (IOC) – Q3FY18

13. Full Operational Capability (FOC) – Q4FY18

Requirement: PM TRADE has a requirement to field the I-MILES VTESS training capability to CONUS and OCONUS sites to include Korea, Alaska, Germany and Hawaii.

The I-MILES VTESS system will interface with the Homestation Instrumentation System (HITS), Interim Range Solution (IRS), Army Mobile Instrumentation System (AMITS), and the modernized Combat Training Center Instrumentation System (CTC-IS). The contractor will be responsible for producing VTESS based off the LT2 Functional TESS Component Architecture and updating the LT2 Functional TESS Component Architecture as necessary. The contractor will be responsible for integrating the Live Training Engagement Composition (LTEC) and updating the LTEC as necessary through the Common Asset Working Group (CAWG) process. The contractor will be responsible for integrating the LT2 Live PAN Standard into VTESS for the wired and wireless communications between components and updating the LT2 Live PAN as necessary through the CAWG process. The contractor will be responsible for individual component performance and end-to-end system performance to include embedding and updating LTEC and LPAN to achieve end-to-end functionality. The contractor will be responsible for ensuring that all required system functionality is integrated, produced, tested and fielded.

RFI: As a part of Government market research, the project team requests interested Prime contractors provide a technical capability statement (limited to 10 pages excluding the cover page) addressing the following:

A. Systems engineering, software engineering, systems integration, network/systems and testing expertise as it relates to MILES TESS programs and VTESS;

B. Capability to meet the Contract Award delivery schedule for Initial Operational Capability (IOC) of a Brigade Combat Team (BCT) Battalion (Bn) Set (approximately 263 tactical and 65 combat vehicle kits) in Q3FY18;

C. Production capability, capacity, fielding, and sustainment of MILES TESS products similar in scope to VTESS;

D. Experience in developing Live Training standards to create commonality, promote re-use, and facilitate interoperability;

E. Ability to develop and publish component standards, related ICDs, and software as it relates to the VTESS open architecture approach.

F. Ability to integrate multiple components from various vendors;

G. Experience developing software update capabilities over a wireless network to peripheral devices;

H. Identify data right restrictions to include proprietary software and technical data to the Circuit Card Assembly and machined piece part level;

I. Experience with Performance Based Logistics, testing performance, documenting and providing optimum material readiness, economical logistics support, and identification/evaluation of resources required to develop and manage an effective support system.

The Government is also interested in the following questions:

A. Identify your Business Size Standard and, if applicable, socio-economic categories in accordance with NAICS 333318.

B. Interested Large Business Prime Contractors: Identify what portion of the requirements you would satisfy in house and what portion and capabilities/components could be subcontracted to small businesses.

C. Interested Small Business Prime Contractors: Please describe how you plan to meet the limitations on subcontracting per FAR 52.219-14, Limitations on Subcontracting and how teaming to meet the overall requirements (if required) would be accomplished.

D. Small Businesses interested in Subcontracting: Please be specific in identifying capabilities that support the areas you are interested in.

E. What contract type(s) would support and incentivize a prime contractor to meet the requirement stated above and facilitate cost reduction, product improvements, or other program benefits?

Additional instructions:

Interested Prime contractors are requested to provide an initial response to this RFI due 14:00 EDT, 6 OCT 2014. The initial response will include a company overview and a technical capability statement. The cover page will include company name, address, cage code, Duns and points of contact including phone numbers and email addresses. The technical capability statement will address the above RFI capabilities and questions. Note: This is an initial submission to be followed by the final submission one week after the one-on-one sessions.

Contractors planning to attend the RFI VTESS program overview presentation shall RSVP by 14:00 EDT, 6 OCT 2014.

Contractors requesting a 50 minute one-on-one session shall submit the request by 14:00 EDT, 6 OCT 2014. Contractors may request a day and time slot preference. In the event of preference conflicts, the schedule will be assigned by the Government.

After the one-on-one session, the contractors will have one week to refine and finalize their RFI technical capability statement. The final technical capability statement is due 14:00 EDT, 24 OCT 2014.

All Submissions shall be made using Microsoft Office applications ten page maximum submission not including cover page. Font shall not be smaller than industry standard word processer 10-point font Times New Roman.

Response Requested:Provide RFI responses, RSVPs, and one-on-one session requests to Ms Marnita Harris, VTESS Contract Specialist, and CC Mr. Ron Logan, VTESS Project Director, ronnie.d.logan2.civ@mail.milvia email by COB 6 OCT 2014.

Disclaimer:This notice does not constitute an invitation for bids or a RFP and is not a commitment by the U.S. Government to procure subject products or services.

Contracts POC:

Ms. Marnita Harris
(407) 208-3294

Technical POC:

Mr. Ron Logan (VTESS Project Director)
(407) 384-5171