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Update 10 November 2015: The date and time for submission of capabilities statements is extended until 1700 on 16 November 2015. ____________________________________________________
Update 29 October 2015: A site visit of the location for the JRTC Telecommunications Antenna and Tower will take place 0830 (local time) on November 19, 2015 at Alligator Lake. A map of JRTC, inclusive of Alligator Lake (which is not on JRTC) is provided as an attachment to this notice. At 0830 on November 19, 2015, a Government bus will leave the Alligator Lake meeting point to the Telecommunications Antenna and Tower location site on Fort Pol, JRTC. Attendees must ride the bus from Alligator Lake to the Telecommunications Antenna and Tower location in order to participate in this site visit. The Government expects to return all site visitors to Alligator Lake by 1300 on November 19, 2015. Contractors interested in attending this site visit shall complete the site visit notification sheet, provided as an attachment, and submit it to both the Contracts POC by November 16, 2015 at 1400. The Government will provide 3x5 cards for the submission of questions at the site visit. Questions not submitted on the 3x5 cards will not be addressed. Answers to all submitted questions will be provided as an attachment to the solicitation for this effort, once released. ___________________________________________________

Brief Description: The U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation, Project Manager for Training Devices is conducting market research for the erection of a new communication tower. The survey findings conducted by Civil And Structural Engineer on Oct 2009 and confirmed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District in May of 2013 concluded that the 100’ self-supporting Joint Operations Center Tower near Building 1560 at Fort Polk, LA failed to meet the American National Standards Institute/Telecommunication Industry Association 222-G (Structural Standard For Antenna Supporting Structures And Antennas) Structural standard.

The effort requires:

- Basic site preparation work

- Establishment of the new tower’s foundation

- Erection of the tower

- Installation of communication cabling

- Installation of antennas and communication electronic equipment

- Demolition of the old communication tower and foundation

- Preparation/delivery of drawing package

A draft Performance Work Statement (PWS) is attached. At this time, the Government requests industry’s input, recommendations, and questions regarding the attached PWS. (Attachment 1)

A drawing package and pictures of the existing tower and documents associated with or referenced in the PWS are currently available on the LT2 Portal. (Attachment 2)

Instructions concerning access to the LT2 Portal are contained in Attachment 3.

The intent of this sources sought notice is to gather market research and familiarize the vendors with the requirements for the solicitation.

Anticipated Acquisition Approach and Planning Information:

Contract Type: Firm Fixed Price Line Items under STOC II Lot I or Lot II

Source Selection Methodology: LPTA

Acquisition Timeline Estimate:

RFP Release – late-1st Quarter FY16

Industry Response (RFP) – 2nd Quarter FY16

Delivery Order Award – 2nd Quarter FY16

Responses Requested:

THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION ANNOUNCEMENT. This is a SOURCES SOUGHT synopsis only. All questions should be emailed to Contract Specialist, Mr. Marcus Overbay, at marcus.s.overbay2.civ@mail.mil.

The purpose of this source sought notice is to gain knowledge of potential qualified sources and their size classification relative to North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 333319. Responses to this source sought notice will be used by the Government to make appropriate acquisition decisions, such as Lot Determination, and to help formulate an acquisition strategy.



Submit a brief description, four (4) pages or less that demonstrates how your company has the resources and experience to provide the requested items provided in the attached Performance Work Statement. Include past experience in providing these items to other Government (Federal or State) agencies, or for a private facility.


a. Your business size status will be based on your size status representation submitted for the basic STOC contract relative to NAICS code 333319, which was initially assigned to the contract. This information is readily available and not required to be annotated in your response.

b. If you are a small business please confirm your understanding of FAR 52.219-14 Limitations on Subcontracting, The concern shall perform work for at least 50 percent of the cost of manufacturing the supplies, not including the cost of materials.

Disclaimer: Responders are advised that the U.S. Government will not reimburse any contractor for any information or administrative costs incurred in the response to this notification. All costs incurred and associated with response to this notification will be borne solely by the interested party.

This notice does not constitute an Invitation for Bid (IFB) or a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is not a commitment by the U.S. Government to procure subject products and/or services. Not responding to this notification does not preclude participation in any future RFP or other solicitation, if any is issued.

This is a market survey, not a pre-solicitation notice. This request for information is for Market Research purposes only and is being used as an instrument to identify potential business sources that can provide the capabilities described herein.

The information provided in this notice is subject to change.

Confidentiality: No proprietary, classified, confidential, or sensitive information should be included in your response. The Government reserves the right to use any non-proprietary information in any resultant solicitation(s).

Contractors shall respond by sending their capabilities statement (as explained above) to Mr. Marcus Overbay, Contract Specialist, at marcus.s.overbay2.civ@mail.mil, with copy to Ms. KeYanna Boone, Contracting Officer at keyanna.r.boone.civ@mail.mil not later than 11:00 AM EST, 09 November 2015. Please ensure that the opportunity number is included in the subject line of the electronic mail.

Contracts POC:

Marcus S. Overbay
marcus s.overbay2.civ@mail.mil
(407) 384-5566

Technical POC:

Randi Kahl
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