NOTICE OF INTENT TO SOLE SOURCE- Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (AVCATT) UH-60M Objective Manned Module Upgrade

Created: 2/11/2014
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STOC II-14-KOV-0008
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PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (AVCATT) is a mobile, transportable, multi-station virtual simulation device designed to support rotary wing aviation unit collective and combined arms training. There are 23 AVCATT suites which provide an immersive, joint and combined arms training environment consisting of; computer-generated forces, training databases, role player stations, and six manned modules per suite re-configurable to any combination of attack, reconnaissance, lift and/or cargo helicopters. AVCATT simulates five different cockpit configurations which include the Apache Longbow, Chinook, Blackhawk, and the Kiowa Warrior platforms.

The Assistant Product Manager (APM) AVCATT has a requirement to upgrade the fielded AVCATT suites from the current UH-60A/L helicopter aircraft configuration to the required UH-60M helicopter aircraft configuration. The validated TCM-Lift requirement for the quantity of UH-60M manned modules required to support collective training in AVCATT is 142 manned modules. To date, APM AVCATT is procuring 94 manned modules’ worth of UH-60M hardware “B” kits. This effort would consist of the production and retrofit of the remaining 48 UH-60M B kits into the AVCATT training simulator to meet the objective requirement.

The Program Office has decided the best way to meet this requirement is to award a contract to L-3 Communications on a sole source basis. L-3 is currently designing, developing, producing, integrating, testing and fielding 94 UH-60M manned module B kits under Delivery Order 0004 contract number W900KK-09-D-0387 for the AVCATT program and this effort would be to simply produce additional kits. The period of performance of the above mentioned contract ends in September 2014, at which time the final Technical Data Package (TDP) for the effort will be delivered to the government. The effort to finalize the objective requirement of the additional 48 B Kits needs to be completed prior to receipt of this TDP, as the current UH-60A/L configuration in AVCATT has been surpassed in the field with the UH-60M variant. The aviation units that currently train in AVCATT are unable to use the older variant as it causes negative habit transfer to the actual aircraft they are flying in theatre operations. As such, fielding of the UH-60M hardware B kits, to allow for UH-60M collective training is required soonest. Per the TRADOC Capability Manger Lift (TCM-Lift) brief at the AVCATT Concurrency IPT in November 2013, the Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities-Policy (DOTMLPF-P) analysis for UH-60M in AVCATT requires all 23 suites to be outfitted with six manned modules each. The UH-60M TADSS Roadmap for AVCATT shows many Preplanned Product Improvements (P3I’s) required in the FY14-19 timeframe for the aircraft in AVCATT. Since the objective hardware requirement has not yet been met, these P3I’s cannot be met until completion of this requirement.

The unavailability of the TDP until the end of the above contract would prevent another contractor from having the data necessary to meet this urgent requirement in a timely manner. However, at such future time when the TDP is accepted by the government and further UH-60M concurrency upgrades are required, this will be done in a competitive environment.

Other reasons that L-3 should be considered as the only viable source for this effort is that L3’s subcontractor is currently producing these B Kits for the current contract and there would be minimal impact to produce more quantities. This approach would ensure material commonality across the AVCATT fleet and lead to lower sustainment costs and allow the government to realize efficiencies established under the current production run. Finally, the AVCATT proponent, Directorate of Simulations, has the requirement to reaccredit the systems when a substantial materiel change has been made. By continuing the use of L-3 for this effort, a reaccreditation of the system would not be necessary, saving the government money.

Future concurrency upgrades to this aircraft represented in AVCATT will take place under a competitive environment

ACQUISITION APPROACH: The Government anticipates that the program requirement will be fulfilled by a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) delivery order in accordance with FAR 16.505. The Government intends to pursue a sole source award to L-3 Communications, Corporation, Link Simulation and Training Division (L-3) under the authority of FAR 16.505(b)(2)(i)(B), “Only one awardee is capable of providing the supplies or services required at the level of quality required because the supplies or services ordered are unique or highly specialized.”

This effort will consist of the production and retrofit of 48 UH-60M hardware B kits into the AVCATT training simulator The period of performance for this effort is approximately 12 months after contract award. Award must be made prior to the close of FY 14 and is dependent upon the timely receipt of funds.


NOTICE: This notice is provided to verify that no other sources can meet this requirement given the technical data package has not yet been made available and the data necessary to execute this procurement in the required time frame is currently still L-3 proprietary. In addition, this notification is provided for contractors interested in teaming/subcontracting opportunities.

DISCLAIMER: This notice does not constitute an invitation for bids or a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is not a commitment by the U.S. Government to procure subject products. No funds are available to pay for preparation of responses to this notification. The Government will use the information received to determine whether other sources are available and capable to satisfy this requirement.

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Lauren R. Bushika
(111) 111-1111

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Primary: Mark Bailey, Secondary: Kirk Thomas