One-Tactical Engagement Simulation System (OneTESS) Increment 1

Created: 3/21/2013
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STOCII Vendors,
Please review the attached Request for Information (RFI) for the OneTESS Increment 1 program.
Prime Contractors are encouraged to schedule an initial face to face meeting with Mr. Kyle Platt (OneTESS Project Director) between 30 Mar 13 and 30 Apr 13 to facilitate Government Market Research. Provide RFI responses, via email to,and, at least one full business day prior to the scheduled face-to face. If you are not scheduling an initial meeting please provide your response NLT 15 Apr 13.
4 APR 2013 update
The attached OneTESS Increment 1 RFI briefing slides areadded to this posting. Prime Contractors are encouraged to review the attached briefing as it provides background information on the OneTESS Increment 1 program as well as contains slides that will be used as aguide for the one on one meetings.
1 Nov 2013 - UPDATE
The OneTESS Increment 1 Sources Sought Notice is being postponed to a TO BE DETERMINED time.
Contracts POC:

Carrie Pickett
(407) 208-3321

Technical POC:

Mr. Kyle Platt
(407) 384-3912