RC-12X Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI)

Created: 7/23/2013
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STOC II-13-KOV-0015
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The purpose of this amendment is to provide notice this business opportunity STOCII-13-KOV-0015 forRC-12X IMI requirements iscancelled.



This opportunity is amended to incorporate the answers to the questions submitted by vendors on the 6th and 7th of August 2013. See Below Attachment #3.



This opportunity is amended to incorporate the answers to the questions submitted by vendors on the 26th and 29th of July 2013. See Below Attachment #1 and #2.


PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: RC-12X Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI)

The RC-12X is a pressurized, low wing, all metal aircraft, powered by two PT6A-67 turboprop engines, having all weather capability. Distinguishable features of the aircraft are the slender, streamlined engine nacelles, four-bladed propellers, an aft rotating boom antenna, mission antennas, wing tip pods, stabilons, a T-tail, and a ventral fin below the empennage.

The Special Electronic Mission Aircraft (SEMA), 304TH Military Intelligence Battalion (BN), at Fort Huachuca, AZ has identified a need for a classroom and take-home training product to complement the overall RC-12X Aviator Qualification Course. To satisfy this operational training requirement, an Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) program will be acquired to train and sustain knowledge in the design, operational concepts, malfunction analysis, and performance parameters of specified RC-12X aircraft systems. It will include all software necessary to serve as the medium for the training of RC-12X aircrews in the systems identified below:

  • FUEL

The developed IMI shall be fully compliant with The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) 2004 and may adopt the Tin Can Application Programming Interface (API) Version 1.0 specification. The API shall be designed to operate on the 304TH Military Intelligence (BN) networked personal computers and shall be distributable to students for execution on personal computers outside of the classroom facility.

The contractor shall provide Government Purpose Rights (GPR) for all delivered software. Furthermore, the Government shall be permitted to request modifications and amendments to the software product at the Government’s discretion.

A bidder’s library containing all documented aircraft technical and operational information will be provided with the Government Request For Proposal (RFP). As a minimum, the Government shall supply the following information to the IMI development contractor:

TM 1-1510-262-10 RC-12X Operator’s Manual

RC-12X Aircraft Systems Student Handout

RC-12X Qualification Course POI

RC-12X Qualification Course Systems Lesson Plans

The contractor will be responsible for installation and testing of the IMI on 304TH Military Intelligence BN computers at Fort Huachuca, AZ. The contractor shall provide Post Deployment Software Support for the fielded program for up to five years in yearly incremental options and will provide a one-year warranty for correction of errors/defects not discovered during Government Acceptance Testing.

The U.S. ARMY Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) is soliciting information from Contractors capable of designing, developing, testing, and fielding of the RC-12X IMI product.


The Contractor shall develop scripts, storyboards and On-Screen graphical layouts for all IMI lessons. These will be submitted for approval to the Government Subject Matter Expert (SME) prior to IMI development. Script/storyboards shall visually depict all graphics, animations, narration, and interactivity in sufficient detail to ensure a clear understanding of the lesson design. Scripts and storyboards shall be designed in accordance with current version of Technical Manual (TM) or relevant technical data. The final IMI product shall satisfy the following general technical requirements:

All graphics and animations shall accurately represent the RC-12X aircraft.

All graphics and animations with views inside the cockpit shall accurately depict the instrument panel, engine gauges, power quadrant, and caution/advisory panels.

The find feature shall allow searching by frame number as well as key words.

All frame background pictures shall reflect the RC-12X.

Each frame shall have a graphic/animation. If a description is not provided, the contractor shall develop a suitable graphic/animation to illustrate the information on that frame.

There shall be an intuitive menu function that easily assists in navigating through the various system animations and scenarios, and the user shall be able to control the speed of animation with a slow motion and frame by frame option. The user shall be able to fill all available screen space with the display in order to maximize the ease with which the diagrams may be viewed.

RESPONSES REQUESTED: Contractors interested in this opportunity are requested to respond via email only (no hard copies are required)on or before August 13, 2013, no later than11:00 AM EST to Michael.adorno@us.army.mil and Bob.Baird@us.army.mil. Contractors are requested to provide capability statements not exceeding ten (10) pages, including the cover sheet. Font shall not be smaller than industry standard word processor 10-point Times New Roman. The brief can be either a MS Word document or a Power Point presentation. The cover page should include company name, address, and points of contact including phone numbers and email addresses. Please identify your Business Size Standard. If your firm is a small business, an additional three pages (13 total) are allowed to state how you will meet the limitations on subcontracting as set forth in FAR 52.219-14.

The Government requests that responses describe a technical approach to satisfying the aforementioned requirements, a summary of past experience in developing IMI, training aids, or simulation devices and familiarity with aircraft systems instruction for Hawker Beechcraft King Air B200 series C-12 or RC-12 aircraft, a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimate for the development and Post Deployment Software Support (PDSS) efforts, and a notional schedule for completing the tasks associated with the contracted effort. Detailed overhead rates or buildups are not required.

NOTICE: Contractors are advised that a determination by the Government not to compete this effort based on any responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government, in accordance with FAR Part 16.

DISCLAIMER: This notice does not constitute an invitation for bids or a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is not a commitment by the U.S. Government to procure subject products and services. No funds are available to pay for preparation of responses to this notification. The Government will use the information received to identify potential sources and to assist in the development of the RC-12X IMI acquisition strategy.
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Michael Adorno
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Dennis Rushing
(407) 384-3966