RFI for relocation of the Special Mission Wing (SMW) training systems

Created: 4/2/2015
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Title: Army Contracting Command – Orlando RFI for Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) requirement to relocate the Special Missions Wing (SMW) training systems from FOB OQAB, North Kabul Afghanistan International Airport (NKAIA) to Ramp 5, South Kabul Afghanistan International Airport (SKAIA).

Contract Vehicle: TBD

Closing Date: 24 April 2015

Brief Summary: The purpose of this RFI is to identify parties who are capable for relocating training systems from FOB OQAB, North Kabul Afghanistan International Airport (NKAIA) to Ramp 5, South Kabul Afghanistan International Airport (SKAIA). Market research is being conducted to determine interested sources and capabilities of contractors.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: PEO STRI Product Manager for Air and Command Tactical Trainers (PM ACTT), has a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) requirement for the US Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC) to relocate one (1) Simultec Mi-17 V1 Simulator and two (2) PC-12 Part Task Trainers (PTTs) from FOB OQAB, North Kabul Afghanistan International Airport, to Ramp 5 SKAIA.

Relocation services must include complete set up and functional testing of the Simulator in the new simulator facility, Bldg 213, Ramp 5, SKAIA.

Relocation services must include complete set up and functional testing of the PTTs in the new simulator facility, Bldg 203, Ramp 5, SKAIA.

The Contractor will develop & perform a comprehensive system test prior to relocation activities to verify that the training systems are working properly. The Contractor will provide test equipment, test procedures, and test personnel. The Contractor will record any deficiencies and provide a report to the Government.

The Contractor will disassemble, pack, and relocate the training systems to the new location. Contractor is responsible for all support equipment, packaging, and transportation.

The Contractor will reassemble the training systems. Contractor will conduct acceptance testing after relocation. Contractor will correct any new deficiencies after relocation.



RESPONSES REQUESTED: Interested Parties are requested to respond by the closing date to the Contract Specialist listed below via email. Written responses to this announcement should consist of the following:

  1. A submission of your firm’s detailed capabilities to meet the requirements in Afghanistan.
  2. Your firm’s degree of familiarity and specific experience with testing and relocation of similar systems.
  3. An itemized Rough Order of Magnitude cost for the testing and relocation of each training system.
  4. A statement indicating your Business Size Standard and, if applicable, socio-economic categories. If vendor is a small business, and you are interested in participating as the prime contractor, please provide how you plan on meeting the limitations on subcontracting per FAR 52.219-14, Limitations on Subcontracting. If vendor is a small business and you are only interested in subcontracting opportunities, please be specific in identifying the areas you are interested in supporting.
  5. It is requested that written responses be submitted in Microsoft Word document, limited to 10 pages. Font shall not be smaller than industry standard word processor 12-point Times New Roman. The brief should be compatible with MS Word 2013. The cover page should include company name, address, and points of contact including phone numbers and email addresses.
  6. The Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) requests the responses via email only on or before 24 April 2015, no later than 5:00PM EST to marvin.j.hagan.civ@mail.mil.

DISCLAIMER: This RFI is issued solely for information and planning purposes. All information received in response to this RFI will be treated as business confidential information, and exempted from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act. Nonetheless, submitters should properly mark their responses if the information is confidential. This notice does not constitute an invitation for bids or a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is not a commitment by the U.S. Government to procure subject products. No funds are available to pay for preparation of responses to this notification. The Government will use the information received to identify potential sources and to assist in the development of the relocation of the training systems acquisition strategy.

CONTRACTS POINT OF CONTACT: Primary - Mr. Marvin Hagan, Contract Specialist, marvin.j.hagan.civ@mail.mil. Alternate - Mr. Duane St. Peter, Contracting Officer, duane.a.stpeter.civ@mail.mil

TECHNICAL POINT OF CONTACT: Primary – Mr. Jorge Cadena, FMS Program Engineer, jorge.e.cadena.civ@mail.mil.

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