Serbia Small Arms Tactical Trainer (SATT)

Created: 10/14/2014
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The amended Sources sought notice is being postedin order to better define the requirements for the Serbian Small Arms Tactical Skills Trainer and elevate any misunderstandings of the full requirement that is being requested.

Sources Sought Notice

Program Title:Serbia Small Arms Tactical Trainer (SATT)

Contract Vehicle: TBD

NAICS Code: 333318

Contract Type: Firm Fixed Price (FFP)/Time and Materials (T&M)

Approximate Total Funding: $884K

Estimated Delivery Date: October 2016

The U.S. Army Program Executive Office Simulation, Training and Instrumentation is issuing this Amended sources sought to gather market research and to determine if the requirement defined within can be fulfilled with the established funding constraints. The Government intends to competitively award this action. The source selection process has not been determined at this time.

All responses must be received via email by Wednesday, March 4, 2015, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

As a result of this potential requirement, the draft Statement of Work (SOW) is attached and the funding profile is identified for each Contract Line Item Number (CLIN). The Government is interested in knowing if this effort can be accomplished within the specific values per CLIN listed below, as the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) associated with this effort is very restrictive in terms of funding.

CLIN 0001 - Small Arms Tactical Skills Trainer ($572,000.00)

System will be used for individual and squad-level marksmanship training.

System shall:

Be based on simulation of real life environments

Not be restricted by any kind of proprietary software limited time license fees. Nevertheless a one-time fee for a permanent proprietary software license would be allowed.

Be a commercial product available to domestic or foreign customers with expandable capability for additional lanes as required

Be capable of Direct simulation of weapon qualification events – Twelve (12) four foot (4’) qualification lanes shall be included

Include individual marksmanship practice drills that include timed events and cognitive thinking drills that shall be able to adjust to an individual shooter’s ability through escalating/deescalating drill parameters for both individual and crew served weapons

Be capable of conducting a single collective gunnery and tactical training exercises that shall be able to be performed via (Virtual Battlespace 2) VBS2 courseware along the entirety of the target engagement wall or separate tactical engagements at four engagement stations

Provide four (4) individual training stations each capable of operating an isolated training event controlled from the Instructor Operator Station (IOS). The IOS shall include all necessary computers/servers, drives, monitors, switches, plugs, power supplies, keyboards, manuals and accessories

Provide one (1) training station for long-range target engagement to include use of a rifle combat optic and a spotting scope in a VBS2 tactical environment

Be scalable with plug and play components for easy upgrade/expansion of capabilities

Include audio-visual components, projection screens, monitors, cables, accessories, computers, etc

Include a host server with all necessary hardware, software, drives, monitors, and accessories (cables, connectors, interfaces, switches, plugs, power supplies, keyboards, adapters, manuals)

Be compatible and interoperable with VBS2 and VBS2-Fires to enable multiple scenarios for individual and squad skills training and replication of battlefield effects that are tailorable to realistic scenarios from peacekeeping and stability operations

Include judgmental use of force capability/scenario modules (shoot-no shoot)

Use 220V/50Hz or dual voltage supporting 220V

SLIN 0001AA - Small Arms Tactical Skills Trainer Hardware

Weapons Mix to be provided by the country of Serbia is as follows:

CZ-99 pistol (12 each + 4 spares)

M21 rifle (12 each + 4 spares)

M21S rifle (12 each + 4 spares)

M70 rifle (12 each + 4 spares)

M84 machine gun (12 each + 4 spares)

SLIN 0001AA shall be priced as a LOT (with unit prices identified). SLIN 0001AA will be FOB Destination with Inspection at Origin and Acceptance at Destination. Shipment of all hardware, software, manuals, and support equipment from point of origin in the United States to final destination in Serbia will be the responsibility of the contractor.

SLIN 0001AA prices shall include:

  • Standard coverage for latent defects in material and workmanship from time of final acceptance in Serbia to include any export/import license fees, and cost of shipping to/from country for items covered.
  • An in-plant functional confidence/operational test with the United States Government (USG) IAW agreed upon contractor-provided test plan and test procedures, in a controlled environment, will be conducted at your facility before final DCMA acceptance.
  • Operators and Maintenance manuals/quick reference cards (if available) in contractor format based on previously delivered similar effort.
  • If applicable, safety labels, decals, markings, computer displays/screens, and operators/maintenance manuals will be provided in the English language.
  • Integration of Customer Furnished Equipment (CFE) with the Small Arms Tactical Trainer (SATT) at the contractor’s facility in the United States

SLIN 0001AB On-site System Installation and Operational Inspection -

SLIN 0001AB shall be priced as a LOT. SLIN 0001AB will be FOB Destination with Inspection and Acceptance at Destination. SLIN 0001AB will include installation and operational inspection of the Small Arms Tactical Skills Trainer at the Serbian training center, using contractor’s format test procedures/checklists. This inspection test must be completed before start of the NET.

CLIN 0002 Spare Parts Package ($93,000.00) - CLIN 0002 shall be priced as a LOT. CLIN 0002 will be FOB Destination with Inspection at Origin and Acceptance at Destination. Draft list of spare parts to be provided with the proposal and to be finalized before contract award. Shipment of Spare Parts from point of origin in the United States to final destination in Serbia will be the responsibility of the contractor. Spare Parts shall be shipped concurrently with hardware listed under CLIN 0001.

CLIN 0003: New Equipment Training (NET) and Student Demonstration ($52,000.00) - CLIN 0003 shall be priced as a LOT. CLIN 0003 prices should include any required consumables required in support of NET. These consumables shall be delivered with the hardware shipment or procured on site. CLIN 0003 will be FOB Destination with Inspection and Acceptance at Destination. NET for the Small Arms Tactical Skills Trainer will be conducted in Serbia in the English language for a maximum of ten (10) students for forty (40) hours of instruction in the Operation of the Small Arms Tactical Trainer (SATT) and forty (40) hours of instruction in the Maintenance of the Small Arms Tactical Trainer (SATT) to include student documentation/handouts, classroom instructions, and any presentation packages. Training materials and coursework will be prepared to best commercial practices using contractor’s format. Please specify number of instructors for this in-country NET. NET will be conducted NLT 30 days after arrival of the equipment to Serbia. At the conclusion of NET, a limited demonstration will be conducted by the Serbian soldiers to demonstrate proficiency in the operation and use of the Small Arms Tactical Trainer.

CLIN 0004 Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) (NTE Amount $80,000.00) – CLIN 0004 shall be priced as a T&M. CLIN 0004 will be FOB Destination with Inspection and Acceptance at Destination. CLIN 0004 provides for part time Contractor Logistics Support for a period of three (3) years to commence immediately after conclusion of the in country NET/DEMO. CLS will consist of one (1) technician traveling to Serbia for a total six (6) weeks of support throughout the three (3) year CLS period. The in-country CLS trip duration may range from one (1) to two (2) weeks depending on the customer’s needs. For estimating purposes only assume one (1) trip for two (2) weeks per year. During each trip, and as time and resources permit the contractor will provide refresher training on proper use of the Small Arms Tactical Skills Trainer (if requested by the customer) to include After Action Review (AAR) system, and provide, as the highest priority, sustained maintenance support. CLS will include labor for repair and maintenance of the hardware, using the lay-in of spares ordered.

CLIN 0005 Damaged Hardware Repair and Return or Replacement (NTE Amount 87,000.00) - CLIN 0005 shall be priced as T&M. CLIN 0005 will be FOB Destination with Inspection and Acceptance at Destination. CLIN 0005 will provide for 36 months of coverage for accidental damages and damages caused due to normal wear and tear to commence after the conclusion of NET.Coverage under this CLIN shall be inclusive of any export/import license fees and cost of shipping items to/from country.


If your firm is foreign owned, foreign controlled or foreign influenced, your firm will not be considered as a source.

The Government is interested in receiving meaningful feedback on the aforementioned proposed acquisition. Interested sources that possess the technical capability and resources to fulfill to Government’s requirements stated herein are invited to provide a Capability Statement.

Responses should include the following information:

Whether or not your company can complete the above described task with the listed cost constraints.

Company name, address, point of contacts (at least two), email addresses, business work and mobile phone numbers and the company’s web page, if applicable;

identification of business size as it relates to NAICS code 333318, i.e. U.S. large or small business (SB), service disabled veteran business, HUBZone, 8(a) certified business, Woman Owned SB and CAGE Code;

Every page of your response must include your company’s name as well as page number (i.e. Name of Company, page # 1 of 15);

Format shall be Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Font size shall not be smaller than 12-point Arial;

The total page count for the Capability Statement, to include any applicable pricing detail, shall not exceed 15 pages.

Provide proof (i.e. copy of certification / license) that it or if applicable its subcontractor holds an Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) certification / license allowing for storage of weapon types listed under CLIN 0001 above up to medium size machine guns

Provide proof of experience (i.e. contract #, customer POC information, locations fielded, types of weapons integrated, quantities fielded etc..) in the integration of foreign weapons into, production, fielding, and training of Small Arms Tactical Trainers

Provide proof (i.e. test reports, screen shots, or any other form of documentation) of its small arms tactical trainer’s current interoperability / compatibility with VBS2 and VBS2-Fires

Be responsible for obtaining all import/export licenses, customs exception forms etc., in support of this contract.

This notice does not constitute an Invitation for Bids (IFB) or a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is not a commitment by the U.S. Government to procure subject products. The Government will use any information received by the closing date of this notice to determine whether sources are available and capable to satisfy this requirement within the funding restraints provided above.

Submit SSN responses and questions/comments via email by Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. EDT to the following e-mail addresses: – (407) 384-5263

Contracts POC:

Craig H. Cunningham
(407) 384-5263

Technical POC:

MAJ Robert Degaine