Technology Refresh of the Voice and Video Control and Edit Component (VVCEC) of the National Training Center – Instrumentation System (NTC-IS)

Created: 2/17/2015
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PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI), Project Manager for Training Devices (PM TRADE), Product Manager for Combat Training Instrumentation Systems (PM CTIS), has a validated requirement to perform technology refresh of the VVCEC, the Voice and Video Monitoring Component (VVMC) and the WiMAX portion of the Range Communications Component (RCC) of the NTC-IS. The VVCEC includes a sophisticated voice and video control, collection, storage, and digital editing capability. This component consists of edit stations, After Action Review (AAR) preparation stations, digital video editing stations and storage array which provide multi-media digital voice and video products that are reviewed in near real-time so that AARs can be quickly presented following a mission segment. Other elements of the VVCEC are a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) network provided for battle and AAR presentation viewing.

The VVMC consists of the microwave transmission links that transports the video and audio feeds between the Mobile AAR vans, Mobile Video Units and the two remote sites on Tiefort and Granite Mountains. At the remote sites, the signal transitions to the Fiber Optic Network (FON) which connects to Building 990.

The WiMAX portion of the RCC consists of three (3) instrumented trailers that are equipped with a head-end equipment package that facilitates the capability for a mobile data link via fiber optic networks connecting the down range Forward Operating Base (FOB) Tactical Operations Centers (TOC's) to be connected to the local NTC Operations Group 52 Infantry Division (ID) network.

REQUIREMENTS: See Attachment 1, Statement of Work for Technology Refresh of the VVCEC of the NTC-IS and Attachment 2 for the estimated type and quantities of equipment that require replacement and integration into the existing systems.

ACQUISITION APPROACH: The Government anticipates a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) Deliver Order for this requirement. The period of performance is anticipated to be twelve months after award.


RESPONSES: Responses shall include a capabilities statement, please delineate any proprietary information, limited to 10 pages including the cover sheet. The cover sheet shall contain company name, URL, point of contact (email address and telephone number), cage code, business size under STOC, whether the company is a manufacturer or distributor and a description detailing how the offered products meet the requirements in the Statement of work. Interested Small Business Prime Contractors, please describe how you plan to meet the limitations on subcontracting per FAR 52.219-14 and if required, describe your teaming arrangement(s) and how workshare will be allocated to meet the overall requirements. In addition, the capabilities statement shall address the following:

a) Demonstrates the capability to procure the various types of equipment for the required subsystems and integrate/install the equipment into the respective subsystems, i.e., Audio and Video Servers, Avid ISIS System, VVCEC Editing Suite, CCTV Distribution, Microwave Backhaul System and WiMAX Trailers.

b) Demonstrates that each subcomponent integrated into the NTC-IS is sufficiently mature to meet Technology Readiness Level 9.

c) Demonstrates experience integrating products that interface with other components of the NTC-IS.

d) Describes the methodology and components to replace the RF based CCTV distribution system with an IP based CCTV distribution system.

e) Demonstrates how the subsystems will be delivered in an acceptable state of Information Assurance Vulnerability Assessment (IAVA) and Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) compliance.

All responses shall be sent via email to Contract Specialist,Mr. Daniel Steinhauer at The deadline for submitting capability statements is 2:00PM (EST) 03 March 2015.

DISCLAIMER: This notice does not constitute an invitation for bids or a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is not a commitment by the U.S. Government to procure subject products. The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this notice or reimburse the costs incurred by potential offerors in providing the information requested herein. Feedback and/or evaluation information will not be provided to any firm regarding their individual capability statements and no telephone calls and/or requests for a solicitation will be accepted.

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Mr. Daniel Steinhauer
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Dr. Duc Chau
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