Aerial Weapons Scoring System (AWSS)


To provide automated objective scoring for aviation gunnery crew qualification and training


The Aerial Weapons Scoring System (AWSS) is an objective scoring system designed to support Aviation Gunnery Training. The AWSS consists of five subsystems that promotes and defends readiness. The Computer Control Subsystem (CSS) provides the operator interface to all of the scoring subsystems and is used to generate all scoring reports. The Rocket Acoustic Subsystem (RAS) provides impact location and near misses for point detonation (PD) rockets and multi-purpose submunitions (MPSM). The Round identification/Location Subsystem (RILS) scores a variety of machine gun projectiles from 7.62MM to 40MM. The Bullet Scoring Subsystem (BSS) counts the number of projectiles the land within a 50x50M area. The Laser Scoring Subsystem (LSS) is used to score the Hellfire Training Missile (HTM). 

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