To enable unit collective and combined arms air-ground training for AH-64, UH-60, CH-47, UH-72 and OH-58 aircrews within the LVC-G ITE. To support the training of non-rated crew members in crew coordination, flight, aerial gunnery, hoist and sling-load related tasks via the NCM3.


The AVCATT is Army aviation’s only collective training system of record for Active, Reserve and ARNG aviation units. AVCATT is a mobile multi-station virtual simulation device that supports unit collective and combined arms training for helicopter aircrews. AVCATT is composed of two trailers per suite with six reconfigurable modules for the Apache Longbow, Chinook, Kiowa Warrior, Lakota and Black Hawk. The NCM3 introduces a third trailer containing two reconfigurable modules which can be linked to AVCATT’s UH-60 Black Hawk and CH-47 Chinook cockpit configurations to support a unit’s specific mission training requirements. Both the AVCATT and NCM3 use Helmet Mounted Displays (HMD) for out-the-window scenes.

System Interdependencies

  • SE Core
  • OneSAF

Program Status

  • 2Q FY15: HVAC Replacement Contract Award
  • 3Q FY15: Training Effectiveness Evaluation Contract Award
  • 4Q FY15: Award of PDSS Contract Award

Projected Activities

4Q FY16: HMD Upgrade Contract Award

Foreign Military Sales



  • L3 Communications (Arlington, TX) (Arlington, TX)
  • L3 Communications (Orlando, FL) (Orlando, FL)
  • Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) (Orlando, FL) (Orlando, FL)
  • AVT Simulation (Orlando, FL) (Orlando, FL)
  • Dignitas Technologies, LLC (Orlando, FL) (Orlando, FL)
  • Leidos, Inc. (Orlando, FL) (Orlando, FL)
  • CymSTAR, LLC (Broken Arrow, OK) (Broken Arrow, OK)
  • Applied Companies (Valencia, CA) (Valencia, CA)