Battle Command Training Capability - Equipment Support (BCTC-ES)



BCTC-ES supports Mission Training Complexes (MTCs) across all three Army components, Active, Guard, and Reserve, by providing the furniture, fixtures, equipment  (FF&E), network, and technical tools for the Military Construction, Army (MCA) infrastructure, Reconfigurable Tactical Operation Center (RTOC), Tech Control and classrooms.


BCTC-ES provided equipment enables the linkage of constructive simulations to Mission Command (MC) systems and extends unit communications.  We help integrate Army Mission Command Systems (AMCS) white boxes into Tactical Operation Center (TOC) sets, provide visualization of the common operating picture (COP), ensure Simulations-MC system thread functionality and tools to support the requirements for the DoD Risk Management Framework (RMF).  We provide the enabling link within an MTC that supports MC/JLCCTC simulation, and we provide Architectural and Engineering (A&E) support to the MTC Design Board for new MCA development.

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