Combat Training Center (CTC) Live Fire


To provide targets and range effects devices to the NTC, JRTC and the JMRC in support of live fire maneuver training. To simulate the flash/bang of a weapon’s discharge and impact in Force-On-Target (FoT) and to simulate opposing forces during realistic combined arms live fire training.


CTC LFM uses FASIT targets to provide an integrated target system to each of the CTCs. Combined with the CTC instrumentation system, real-time scoring and assessment can be achieved providing an eye on the training battlefield and a realistic after action review that enables unit leaders and Soldiers to learn from a detailed assessment of each training exercise.

FASIT targets can be used in night training environments if properly equipped with thermal signature blankets. Targets are equipped with MILES detectors to accommodate non-live fire type training. MILES shoot-back capability and battle effects are provided with properly equipped targets and using the Battlefield Effects Simulator (BES) I/II devices.

The BES provides real-time feedback to units conducting FoT tactical training and realistic battlefield effects at both CTC’s and the Digital Range Training System ranges deployed throughout the U.S. Army.

BES is designed to produce flash/bang and smoke signature cartridges which simulates weapon fire of a hostile threat and/or an impact round on an armored target.

System Interdependencies

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  • Live Fire Range Control System

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  • Zel Tech (Orlando, FL)