Common Driver Trainer (CDT) Virtual Product Line (VPL)



The Common Driver Trainer (CDT) Virtual Product Line (VPL) provides initial and sustainment vehicle driver training simulation to the Soldier at both operational unit and institutional training levels.  Available in both fixed and mobile training facility (MTF) configurations, the vehicle cab variants are interchangeable and reconfigurable providing multiple variants to train on a single common equipment training platform supporting Stryker, MRAP, Abrams Tank, Abrams Engineering, Medium and Heavy Tactical Wheeled vehicle driver training. 


The Common Driver Trainer (CDT) is a high fidelity, full motion driver trainer conducting basic, intermediate and advanced driver’s training tasks. It maximized common components across multiple variants through a product line approach of utilizing 80 percent common equipment while retaining 20 percent for variant specific components of the CDT system.

The CDT is made up of three main component stations: the Instructor Operator Station (IOS), Student Training Station (STS) and After Action Review/Ancillary Station (AAR/AS).

The CDT comes in a fixed facility or Mobile Training Facility (MTF) configuration.  The software of the CDT recognizes the variant used on the common platform and loads all necessary variant specific scoring, vehicle dynamics and training scenarios needed.

The IOS manages and executes training, utilizes computer aided automated scoring and monitors all actions of the driver in real time.

The STS replicates the form, fit and function of the actual drivers’ station. The Variant specific cab on the STS utilizes interchangeable panels to train multiple vehicles under one variant.  The STS uses a 6 degree of freedom motion base along with the variant specific vehicle dynamics to replicate actual vehicle handling characteristics.

The AAR/AS captures and stores training information for playback and review of the Soldier’s performance. The AAR/AS also supports other crew related tasks as needed.

CDTs can be networked together (when co-located) to train multiple drivers in the same virtual environment supporting collective tasks.  Each CDT variant comes with 100 pre-programed training scenarios training in five geo-typical databases and six geo-specific databases. The CDT also allow users to edit and create additional scenarios via the Scenario Generation System.

System Interdependencies

  • Synthetic Environment Core (SE Core)
  • One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF)
  • Virtual Distributed Interactive Simulation (VDIS)

Foreign Military Sales



  • Leidos, Inc. (Orlando, FL)