Construction Equipment Virtual Trainer (CEVT)



Procure, install and maintain motion-based simulators for the following five types of construction equipment:

  • (44) Motor Grader 120M,
  • (44) Scraper 621G,
  • (33) Dozer D7R,
  • (33) Wheel Loader 924H, and
  • (33) Excavator 240

Simulators are to be installed at the U.S. Army Engineer School (USAES), Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  In addition, a total of 77 Simulators are to be fielded at various Regional Training Institutes (RTIs) for Reserve and National Guard Components.


CEVT provides the specific training needs of the Army entry-level and Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 12N Heavy Equipment Operator. CEVT supports the United States Army Engineer School (USAES) training strategy through transition from classroom simulation training to live equipment training. CEVT simulators will produce a computer-generated representation of terrain that permit students to perform the following construction tasks:

  • Leveling earth
  • Excavating a trench
  • Constructing a stockpile, and
  • Loading a haul unit

CEVT is intended for use in the institutional training environment and for skill sustainment in Construction Engineer Regional Training Institutes (RTIs) for the Active, Reserve and National Guard Components.

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  • Applied Visual Technology Simulation (Orlando, FL)