Digital Range Training Systems (DRTS)



To provide new/modern digital technology for gunnery ranges capable of training, evaluating, and stressing todays Soldiers and their equipment in a realistic train-as-you-fight environment. To support Active, Guard, and Reserve units in individual, collective live-fire training and qualification.


The Digital Range Training System (DRTS) program is the enabler of range modernization for tactical vehicle training. DRTS provides the infrastructure and instrumentation for Abrams, Bradley, Stryker, and Aviation platform live-fire gunnery training and qualifications and the ability to conduct Combined Arms Live Fire Exercises (CALFEX). DRTS facilitates individual, collective live-fire training and qualification per Training Circular 25-8 with enhanced training data collection and After Action Review (AAR) capabilities. DRTS addresses emerging doctrinal requirements and enables new training techniques. DRTS addresses the need to replace aging live-fire training infrastructures with a modern suite of digital capabilities. These training systems replace obsolete, inadequate training methods and equipment in order to simulate new weapon systems, stress Soldiers, incorporate the Digitized Force, and provide enhanced training data collection and AAR capabilities. The instrumented ranges utilize all available combat system’s capabilities and digitally integrate them to manage forces undergoing individual and collective live-fire training and qualification exercises.

System Interdependencies

  • Battlefield Effects Simulator (BES)
  • Common Training Instrumentation Architecture (CTIA)
  • LT2 product Line Components
  • Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES)
  • Aviation Weapons Scoring System (AWSS)

Foreign Military Sales



  • General Dynamics Mission Systems (Orlando, FL)
  • Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training
  • Tactical Micro