Directed Energy Test (DET)



To address test technology shortfalls in High Energy Laser (HEL) and High Power Microwave (HPM) domains by maturing and transitioning high-risk, high-payoff directed energy test technologies for both the laboratory environment and Department of Defense (DoD) test ranges to enable capability development for full-spectrum Test and Evaluation (T&E) for Directed Energy (DE) weapon systems and U.S. systems’ vulnerability to DE threats.


Directed Energy Test (DET) provides capabilities to support testing of high-energy lasers and high-powered microwave weapon systems.

A Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) emits a surge of energy capable of disabling a target such as electronics in vehicles, communications equipment, or other weapons.

DET is a multi-year effort sponsored by the DoD Test Resource Management Center’s (TRMC) Test and Evaluation Science and Technology (T&E/S&T) program. Since 2005, DET has been providing timely investments to mature technologies that fill both current and future critical test gaps identified by periodic tri-Service studies, Service test and evaluation reliance prioritization processes, and DoD test ranges/facilities emerging needs. DET publishes a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) with updated technical topics to solicit offerors or projects that address DE test technology gaps to mature Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) from a TRL3 up to a goal of TRL6.

Upon verification in a DoD test range environment, S&T prototypes are transitioned to DoD test facilities to support upcoming DE tests or future follow-on test infrastructure engineering developments. DET manages an average of 8-10 active ongoing projects and has transitioned over 65 past projects ranging from HEL onboard and remote sensors, multi-waveband imagers, and HPM non-intrusive miniaturized sensors and target boards, to various modeling and simulation tools – each with an intended transition to DoD DE test facilities. With common Instrumentation Management Office (IMO) management and synergy within the DET and TRMC T&E programs, investments have also supported maturation of acquisition requirements as risk reductions, analysis of alternative candidates and Pre-Planned Product Improvements.

Customers supported include:

  • Army White Sands Missile Range – WSMR, NM
  • Air Force Research Laboratory – Fort Sam Houston, TX
  • Air Force Research Laboratory – Kirtland AFB, NM
  • Air Force 96th Test Wing – Eglin AFB, FL
  • Naval Air Warfare Center – Aircraft Division (Patuxent River, MD)
  • Naval Air Warfare Center – Weapons Division (China Lake, CA)
  • Naval Research Laboratory – Washington, DC
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center – Dahlgren, VA
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center – Port Hueneme, CA
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center – Point Mugu, CA
  • Office of Naval Research – Arlington, VA

System Interdependencies


Foreign Military Sales



  • AEgis Technology Group (Albuquerque, NM)
  • Advanced Fiber Sensors, Inc. (Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Applied Physical Electronics, L.C. (Spicewood, TX)
  • II-VI Aerospace & Defense, Inc (Murrieta, CA)
  • Kratos Defense and Rocket Support Services (San Diego, CA)
  • Scientific Applications & Research Associates (Cypress, CA)
  • SemQuest, Inc (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • SURVICE Engineering Company, LLC (Bellcamp, MD)
  • Verus Research - XL Scientific (Albuquerque, NM)