To create an embedded training technical framework for mounted platforms and dismounts that support the Army’s Integrated Training Environment, provide training at the point of need and enable Soldiers to “Train as they Fight.”


Embedded training is the Army’s preferred solution per Army regulations, including AR 70-1, AR 350-1, AR 350-38 and TRADOC Reg 350-70. PM TRADE is creating and managing an embedded training technical framework that will enable mounted platforms and dismounted programs to develop and field embedded training solutions. The framework leverages the Live Training Transformation (LT2) Product Line and Common Training Instrumentation Architecture (CTIA) to develop, leverage and manage standards and common, re-usable software services that enable embedded training solutions.

Embedded training is not a Program of Record, but a series of initiatives that support Programs of Record that are developing and/or fielding embedded training solutions. Current key initiatives include:

  • Multifunction Vehicle Port (MFVP) Interface Standard. The MFVP Interface Standard defines a common interface for interfacing Training Aids, Devices, Simulators, and Simulations and test instrumentation with Army ground combat vehicle systems. PM TRADE is working closely with PM Stryker and PdM Abrams Main Battle Tank as they develop and integrate MFVP’s into their respective platforms.
  • Live Training Engagement Composition (LTEC). LTEC is an initiative that provides a set of reusable core capabilities for live force-on-force training (mounted and dismounted). LTEC is based on open interfaces and standards, and provides government-owned software that can be used for embedded, appended and hybrid applications. LTEC is a key enabler for embedded training, allowing for a component-based architecture that enables the dual use of tactical equipment for training.
  • Vehicular Integration for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance/Electronic Warfare (C4ISR/EW) Interoperability (VICTORY). PEO STRI is working closely with PEO Ground Combat Systems (GCS) to ensure test and training requirements are addressed by the VICTORY architecture and specification. As VICTORY enabled vehicles are fielded, training systems will be able to utilize vehicle shared resources, reducing the life cycle costs for training systems in the future.

System Interdependencies

With Other Products Listed in this Publication

  • LT2 CTIA
  • LT2 Product Line Components
  • Instrumentable-Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System

Other Major Interdependencies

  • Ground vehicle implementation of VICTORY
  • Ground vehicle implementation of MFVP

Program Status

  • 29 August 2012: Published MFVP Interface Standard
  • November 2012: Demonstrated LTEC software for live training solutions
  • 23 May 2014: Test and training addressed in VICTORY architecture
  • Summer 2015: Updating MFVP Interface Standard

Projected Activities

  • FY16: Working with PM Stryker to embed LTEC capability
  • FY16: Working with PEO GCS to update VICTORY specification

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  • General Dynamics Mission Systems (Orlando, FL)