Fast Burst Reactor Upgrade (FBRU)



Refuel the Fast Burst Reactor (FBR) at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) in order to achieve High Fluence Short Pulse (HFSP) neutron environments for survivability testing. 


The FBR utilizes an unmoderated and un-reflected cylindrical assembly of uranium and molybdenum alloy. The FBR produces high-yield pulses of microsecond width, as well as long-term, steady state radiation, to closely simulate the neutron radiation environment. This capability not only provides internal customers with nuclear effects survivability testing but also supports external laboratories performing nuclear and radiation research.

Under Central Test and Evaluation Investment Program (CTEIP) funding, the Fast Burst Reactor Upgrade (FBRU) project will deliver replacement fuel designed and developed by Y-12 National Security Complex located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The replacement fuel will be designed and developed utilizing the Department of Energy (DoE) and National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) “Work for Others” program providing nuclear expertise to Government customers. The FBRU project refuel will extend useful service life of a much needed nuclear Test and Evaluation (T&E) asset at WSMR.

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  • DoE/NNSA (Oak Ridge, TN)