Instrumentable-Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (I-MILES)



Instrumentable-Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (I-MILES) - To simulate both and the vulnerability and the firing capabilities of vehicles as well as to serve as a means to objectively assess weapon effects during training. To provide unit commanders an integrated training system for use at home station local training areas and instrumented training areas. 


I-MILES program enhances the warfighter’s capability to prepare for combat operations allowing training and assessment of individual and collective tasks during force-on-force operations.  The devices use an eye-safe laser to replicate the engagement effects of their intended “line of sight” weapons systems.  I-MILES provides realistic, real-time casualty effects for force-on-force tactical engagement training scenarios and its ability to integrate into training instrumentation systems to provide for high fidelity combined arms combat exercises.  Due to their modular design, I-MILES devices are approved for use at Home Station, the Combat Training Centers (CTCs) and in the theater of operations.  The current “Instrumentable” MILES replaces the previously fielded “Basic” MILES, which cannot integrate into training instrumentation systems.  

System Interdependencies

  • Home Station/Army Mobile Instrumentation Training System (HITS)
  • Combat Training Center - Instrumentation System (CTC-IS)

Foreign Military Sales



  • General Dynamics (Orlando, FL)