To provide the framework for integrating the Army’s live, virtual and constructive systems into an integrated training environment (ITE).


LVC-IA is a net-centric linkage that collects, retrieves and exchanges data among TADSS and Joint and Army Mission Command Systems. LVC-IA defines “how” information is exchanged among TADSS and Mission Command Systems.  It enables the live, virtual, constructive training audience to see the common operating picture and to communicate using organizational command and control equipment. LVC-IA provides the common protocols, specifications, standards, and interfaces that help standardize common LVC components and tools required for interoperability of LVC components for simulations/stimulation (SIM/STIM) of unit MCS for training. LVC-IA supports DoD Training Transformation and Army Training Doctrine by providing the LVC ITE that allows commanders, leaders, mission command staffs and units to “train as they operate” as part of a Joint Task Force.

System Interdependencies

  • Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (AVCATT)
  • Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT)
  • Games for Training (GFT)
  • Homestation Instrumentation Training System (HITS)
  • Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability (JLCCTC)
  • Mission Command Systems (MCS)
  • Mission Training Complex (MTC) Infrastructure
  • One World Terrain (OWT) (targeting LVC-IA Version 4.0)
  • Synthetic Training Environment (STE) (targeting STE IOC and LVC-IA Version 4.x)

Foreign Military Sales



  • Accenture Federal Systems (Reston, VA)
  • Cole Engineering and Services Incorporated (CESI) (Orlando, FL)
  • Dignitas Technologies, LLC (Orlando, FL)