Medical Simulation Training Center (MSTC)



Conduct sustainment and enhanced medical training for Combat Medics and all non-medical Soldiers across the Active Army, Reserve and National Guard.


The Medical Simulation Training Center (MSTC) provides realistic medical training to both medical and non-medical Soldiers in the Active, Reserve and National Guard. MSTCs provide hands-on instruction on the latest battlefield trauma and critical care techniques based on Medical Center of Excellence approved performance oriented Programs of Instruction. The Medical Training Command and Control (MT-C2) system is a command and control center that allows for remote training platform management by interfacing with the Instructor Support System and Virtual Patient System.

During a MSTC training event, Soldiers perform tasks on training devices within a high-stress, simulated combat environment. The MT-C2 system enables medical scenario integration, mannequin control, audio video surveillance and recording, as well as providing the capability to manipulate the environments in which scenarios take place in order to maximize the positive impact and training experience.

The Tactical Combat Casualty Care Exportable (TC3X) Soldier System provides an exportable capability to train Soldiers on medical warrior skills at the individual, leader and collective levels. The TC3X system will consist of Training Aides, Devices, Simulators, and/or Simulations utilized by Soldier medics to provide realistic, hands-on training in a “train the trainer” fashion to all Soldiers at home stations, initial training centers and combat training centers.

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  • Laerdal (Wappingers Falls, NY)
  • TraumaFX Solutions Inc. (Atlanta, GA)
  • Riptide Software (Orlando, FL)