National Cyber Range Complex (NCRC) Event Planning, Operations and Support (EPOS)



To provide the Department of Defense (DoD) with the skilled workforce of subject matter experts to conduct cyber event planning, design, engineering, execution and infrastructure maintenance at the government-controlled NCRC sites.


To meet the growing demand for cybersecurity Test and Evaluation (T&E) activities by acquisition programs as well as the requirements of the Cyber Mission Force (CMF) to support training, exercises, and mission rehearsal, the DoD Test Resource Management Center (TRMC) is partnering with the Services to increase the capacity and capabilities of the National Cyber Range Complex (NCRC). Presently, the TRMC is leading the establishment of new NCRC instances that will be located within government-controlled facilities — initially, at the following locations: Orlando, Florida; Charleston, South Carolina; Patuxent River, Maryland and Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

In partnership with PEO STRI/PM CT2, TRMC is establishing the NCRC Event Planning, Operations and Support (EPOS) service acquisition that will serve as the contracting vehicle to enable the fulfillment of critical, highly skilled workforce positions across the NCRC.

System Interdependencies

At maturity, the NCRC will consist of an integrated and interoperable constellation of facilities designed to enable the planning and execution of very large-scale, complex and distributed cyber T&E, training and mission rehearsal events. The NCRC EPOS will be key in providing the required skilled workforce and subject matter experts to accomplish this goal.

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