National Cyber Range (NCR)


To improve the resiliency of our warfighters in the cyber-contested battlespace by delivering operationally representative cyberspace environments for testing, training, and mission rehearsal.


The NCR’s skilled workforce operates a secure, closed-loop system based on innovative technologies developed under DARPA and exercised by the Department of Defense (DoD) Test Resource Management Center (TRMC) in support of DoD acquisition programs and the Cyber Mission Force (CMF). The NCR team provides an array of services including the design and implementation of tailored, operationally realistic cyberspace environments, customized instrumentation, threat portrayal, and data analysis in support of the complete spectrum of requirements in the domains of cyber T&E, training, and mission rehearsal.  NCR acquisition program event objectives have focused in areas such as science and technology experimentation, architectural evaluations, security control assessments, cooperative vulnerability and penetration assessments, adversarial assessments.  NCR events in the support of CMF requirements have informed refinements to tactics, techniques, and procedures.

System Interdependencies


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  • Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems (Orlando, FL)