Opposing Force Surrogate Vehicle (OSV)



Opposing Force Surrogate Vehicle (OSV) - Supports the CTC OPFOR capability by providing OPFOR Surrogate Vehicles (OSV), this capability provides an accurate replication of the tracked OPFOR capacity and training environment that rotational units must train against.


OPFOR Surrogate Vehicle (OSV) is a training vehicle produced in two variations (BMP-2 and T-80) utilized at all three MCTCs. A modification to the M113A3 platform with a Bradley turret system and M60 Tank Thermal Sight (TTS), in 1997 OSV began replacing the Sheridan M551 light tank at NTC and JRTC and the M60 tank at JMRC, and the program was completed by 2004.

System Interdependencies

  • Instrumentable – Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (I-MILES)
  • Home Station/Army Mobile Instrumentation Training System (HITS)
  • Combat Training Center-Instrumentation System (CTC-IS)

Foreign Military Sales



  • Rock Island Arsenal (Rock Island, IL)
  • CERDEC (Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD)
  • BAE (Warren, MI)
  • Raytheon (Warren, MI)