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This list is for the convenience of SharePoint users only. Access to each SharePoint site is restricted by membership. You will only be able to access the SharePoint sites in which you are a member. If you think you need access to a site but find you do not have it (a password dialog box will display when you do not), click Cancel on the dialog box and on the subsequent Request Access form, delineate who you are (complete name and e-mail address) and why you need access. Click Send Request. This will send a request to the Administrator of the site.
ACQ DEMO Resource CenterG1 - Human Resources
CIO, Information AssuranceG2 - Intelligence & Security
EASCG3 - Operations
PM SEG4 - Acq Logistics
PM STG5 - Plans & Strategy
PM CT2G6 - Corporate Information Office
PL TSOG7 - Training & Support Services
PL IPOG8 - Resource Management / Chief Financial Office
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ACC - Orlando
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Material Release
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Value Engineering
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To request membership, click here to e-mail the POC for PD Field OPS sites. State the site you want membership in and the POC will respond to you within 24 hours for approval/disapproval.
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