Precision Target Signatures (PTS)




The PTS project creates full-scale 3-D decoys and surrogates with highly representative visual, thermal, and radar signatures. The PTS program provides for a rapid response to developing decoys and target surrogates to meet emerging test and training requirements. The PTS program provides low cost options to meet both test and training budgetary limitations.

Available variants are T-72, BMP-2, BTR-80, SA-22, 2S6, SA-6 Straight Flush radar, SA-6 launcher, SA-13, ZSU-23/4, BM-21, Type 97, 2S3, MT-LB, Sky Shield AAA system, Technical Vehicle, and a seaborne target.  Additional  PTS targets are currently in development including the SA-15, 2S19, PRP-4MU, and OPFOR decoys.

In addition to being affordable, PTS targets are:

  • Highly mobile for easy transportation and emplacement
  • Deployable worldwide
  • Durable/reusable/recyclable and have no environmental impacts
  • Can include optional thermal signature and radar cross section upgrades
  • Easily and quickly developed to provide new target options for the test and training communities
  • When desired, PTS targets are validated per DA PAM 73-1 as threat representative in support of T&E milestone decisions

System Interdependencies


Foreign Military Sales



  • Trideum Corporation (Huntsville, AL)
  • Kord Technologies, Inc. (Huntsville, AL)
  • Signature Solutions (Huntsville, AL)