Soldier/Squad Virtual Trainer (S/SVT)



The S/SVT will use adaptive learning and intelligent tutoring to address small unit collective training gaps and merge Fires, Dismounted and Use-of-Force training requirements into a single transportable capability starting in FY21. The S/SVT system was initially the Soldier Virtual Trainer (SVT) that was set to replace the legacy training systems of Engagement Skills Trainer II (EST II), and the Call For Fire Trainer III (CFFT III). A program change was made by CAC-T in December of 2017 to combine SiVT and SVT requirements into a single effort.


The S/SVT system combines and integrates several individual Soldier and squad training capabilities, STE Squad Capability (SSC), Weapon Skill Development (WSD), Joint Fires Training (JFT), and Use of Force (UoF), into a single capability that can be conducted simultaneously or individually and enable physical movement/exertion related to the execution of Soldier/Marine individual and squad collective training tasks. The system is required to be man transportable and deployable worldwide.  It delivers training at the Point of Need (PoN). The S/SVT training capability is a scalable, exportable, capability that will support 1-15 Soldiers/Marines.

System Interdependencies

  • Synthetic Training Environment Common Synthetic Environment (STE CSE)

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