Special Operations Forces Raptor (SOF RAPTOR)


SOF Training Exercises are a deliverable training support product that can be executed in any AOR.  SOF Training is unique and tailored to each individual SOF unit’s mission and encompasses support from initial planning (road to war) to provide extensive AARs.


Special Operations Forces (SOF) require training exercises that are tailored to each SOF unit’s unique mission.  Additionally, SOF training can rarely be fully accomplished at a training center or on a military installation; therefore, training exercises are conducted in their Command’s Area of Responsibility (AOR). The planning and execution requirements along with dynamic and non-linear exercise execution requires equally dynamic training support.  SOF Requirements, Analysis, Prototyping, Training, Operations and Rehearsal (RAPTOR) has developed a team with extensive SOF experience that can fully support SOF training.  This training includes scripting, Concept of Operations (CONOPs) development, target coordination, role player support, inter-agency replication, and other training as required to validate readiness and capability.  Exercises are dependent on unique unit profile and role player requirements.  The training support includes providing unique targets with role-players and Opposing Forces (OPFOR), staff and inter-agency Subject Matter Experts (SME), lead planners, and exercise controllers at target locations.  The contractor provides Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capability during assault force executions and full scope white cells to evaluate Joint Mission Essential Task List (JMETL) capabilities.

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