Squad Advanced Marksmanship Training (SAM-T)



The Squad Advanced Marksmanship Training (SAM-T) enables Army readiness through dismounted collective training capability; provides individual and crew-served weapons skill development and exercises Use of Force decision making. Enable Army readiness and bridge the dismounted virtual collective training capability gap pending the Soldier/Squad Virtual Trainer (S/SVT).


SAM-T is a Training as a Service (TaaS) solution designed to continually train individual Soldiers in basic and advanced marksmanship for one to 15 Soldiers or collective task up to a fire team (5) Soldiers throughout the designated hours of operation for one training service. SAM-T has an ability to rapidly reconfigure the training to accommodate day to day or session to session changes in training objectives. Training area footprint is no larger than sixty foot (60ft) wide, eighty foot (80ft) long, and 12 feet high.

System Interdependencies

  • SAM-T is an augmentation and NOT a replacement for EST II

Foreign Military Sales



  • Oak Grove Technologies (Raleigh, NC)