Synthetic Training Environment (STE) Live Training Environment (LTE)



To enable Army units and leaders to conduct tough, iterative, dynamic, and realistic multi-echelon combined arms maneuver and mission command training in support of multi-domain operations. Synthetic Training Environment (STE) Live Training Environment (LTE) will provide units the repetitions necessary to accelerate and sustain Soldier skills and unit collective training readiness.


PM Soldier Training provides realistic Force-on-Force (FoF) training.  Future live training solutions must simulate the effects of both direct and indirect fire weapons with an emphasis on simulation realism. Live training systems need to provide the user with an objective assessment of direct and indirect fire engagements, taking into account cumulative equipment damage, personnel casualties, and appropriate actions to treat casualties. Additionally, live training simulations need to be realistic enough for Soldiers to have confidence in their training performance evaluations. Training evaluations for FoF engagements need to be based on accurate hit/kill probabilities, damage effects, and casualty assessments. 

The STE LTE efforts are developing prototype technologies or products capable of initially providing platoon-level live FoF training simulation capabilities. The Government’s intent is that this prototyping activity will help inform requirements for the STE-LTE, provide a quantified evaluation of the technology readiness levels of critical enabling technologies, and provide key foundational aspects of establishing the roadmap for the future of STE LTE.

System Interdependencies

  • Common Synthetic Environment
  • One World Terrain
  • Integrated Visual Augmentation System

Foreign Military Sales



  • General Dynamics Mission Systems (Orlando, FL)
  • Cubic Defense Applications, Inc. (Orlando, FL)