System of Systems Cooperative Engagement Test Infrastructure (SCETI)



To develop new test capabilities and facilities at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, and Yuma Proving Grounds, Arizona, to support the Army’s Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) Test and Evaluation (T&E) requirements. These capabilities will help ensure that the Army’s rotary wing pilotage systems operate effectively in DVE conditions.


DVE sensors and pilotage systems are being developed by the Army to allow helicopters to operate safely in dangerous, low visibility conditions. The System-of-Systems Controlled Environment Test Infrastructure (SCETI) effort will develop a new capability to immerse these systems into a flight-like environment in operationally relevant DVE conditions to ensure U.S. Army systems can operate effectively even when the pilot cannot see obstacles unaided. The SCETI will include systems to develop rain, dust and other DVE conditions, provide translational and rotational motion through an emulation volume for dismounted DVE sensors, characterize DVE conditions for analysis purposes, and integrate manual pilot-in-the-loop controls. This new capability will meet current and future DVE test requirements while reducing the risks of manned flight tests.

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