TADDS Index & Catalog

https://www.intelink.gov is the new Public home of the TADSS Catalog. Intelink.gov requires that all users apply for a Passport to access the site with a CAC. If you already have an Intelink Passport you can skip this step. Click on the Create Intelink Passport box below to create a Passport. Check your email for a confirmation code provided to complete the Passport process.

Once the Passport access has been completed, click on the Open TADSS Catalog below or copy the following URL: https://inteldocs.intelink.gov/folders/list/13561c9f-b4d5-4d0b-9e4f-fed004b8e2ad to open the TADSS Catalog folder. In the TADSS Catalog folder click on the box under the Select column, then download the file. It will take a couple of minutes to download a PDF version of the TADSS Catalog for Viewing.