Threat Integrated Air Defense System (TIADS) Training Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) Stimulation Suite (TASS)



Training Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) Stimulation Suite (TASS) shall provide an enemy Integrated Air Defense System (IADS) at the Maneuver Combined Arms Training Centers. TASS provides stimulation of the ASE suite creating realistic cockpit warnings and indicators requiring pilots to take appropriate action to avoid being engaged by a peer or near peer IADS opponent.


TASS is a component of the Threat Integrated Air Defense System (TIADS). TASS is a collaborate effort between PEO STRI, PEO IEW&S, and PEO AVN. TASS leverages existing training instrumentation system (CTC-IS) and the aviation network. TASS simulates Threat air defense systems by stimulating Army rotary winged aircraft (AH64E, UH60M, and CH47F) to activate visual and audio cockpit warnings and indicators. Aircraft are tracked and engagement data is collected by the instrumentation system and displayed as training performance feedback in an after-action review (AAR). TASS consists of airborne and ground transceivers that exchange position and engagement data between the Aircraft Survivability Equipment B-Kit Emulator (ABE), ground threat emitters (GTE), and the instrumentation system.

System Interdependencies

  • Combat Training Center - Instrumentation System (CTC-IS)
  • Instrumentable – Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (I-MILES)

Foreign Military Sales



  • Inter-Coastal Electronics (Mesa, AZ)